Meaning of Marketing

Meaning of Marketing 1

What is Marketing:

Marketing is the set of techniques and methods applied to the study of the needs of the markets and their major components, such as the public, sales and products for the development of enterprises.

It is a word derived from the English term market, which means market, that is, the study of the causes, the objectives and the results produced through the different ways of how firms deal with the market.

The marketing studies the causes and the mechanisms that govern the relations of exchange (goods, services, or ideas), carried out within four main axes: price, distribution, communication and product. It is intended that the outcome of a relationship is a transaction (sale) the satisfaction of all parties involved in the process.

Marketing is the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit. Marketing identifies the needs and unfulfilled desires. It defines, measures and quantifies the size of the market identified and the potential for profit. (Philip Kotler)

Despite this, the marketing means more than selling, because selling is a one way process. The marketing is a two way process, with the goal of ensuring the attainment of the greatest possible benefit. In marketing are applied advanced knowledge about the markets prospecting and probing of opinions.

The marketing is a philosophy: an attitude of mind, an attitude, a way of conceiving the relations of exchange. It is also a technique: a specific way to run an exchange ratio (that is, to identify, create, develop and serve the demand). The marketing you want to maximize consumption, consumer satisfaction, choice, and quality of life.

Meaning of Marketing 2

Practice areas of marketing

The marketing has a area of expertise very wide, with specific concepts targeted for each related activity. For example: the cultural marketing, political marketing, relationship marketing, social marketing, among others.

The work of the professional marketing begins long before the manufacturing of the product and continues long after the sale. He is a researcher of the market, a psychologist, a sociologist, an economist, a communicator, a lawyer, residing in a single person.

In Business Administration, marketing is a set of activities that involve the process of creation, planning and development of products or services that meet the needs of the consumer, and communication strategies and sales that surpass the competition.

In marketing, the value concept can be defined as all the benefits generated for the client by reason of the sacrifice made for this in the purchase of a product or service. Offer or add value is a concept directly related to customer satisfaction, one of the main goals of marketing.

The concept of marketing states that the most important task of the company is to determine what are the needs and desires of consumers and seek to adapt the company to provide the satisfaction of these desires.

With the reach provided by the internet and the explosion of social networks, emerged the concept of Marketing 3.0, in which the companies seek a rapprochement with consumers and potential customers, monitoring their opinions on the services or products offered by the company. The digital marketing consists of an approach that uses the internet and other digital media as a tool to achieve their goals.

In this way, consumers have a fundamental role in the creation of new products and services, tailored to the real needs of the market.

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Types of marketing

Marketing staff

Personal marketing is a tool used for self-promotion, as a way of achieving success. This is a strategy used to “sell” the image itself, in addition to influencing the way other people look at who uses it.

In most of the occasions, this expression is used to designate a way of expressing themselves, which contributes to the achievement of a certain goal, such as a job, for example.

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Relationship Marketing

The Ese type of marketing utilizes a set of actions and strategies to create and maintain a positive relationship with your customers.

The ultimate goal of relationship marketing is to gain and retain clients, creating a relationship of proximity to him with the brand, to the point that they become advocates and promoters of the same.

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Digital Marketing

The digital marketing is a set of actions of dissemination and communication that a company or person uses in the digital platforms, via the internet and electronic media.

She adopts the practices of promoting products or services for the use of distribution channels electronic, so that these reach the consumers quickly in a relevant way, customized, and with more efficiency.

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Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is any form of advertising material that, when used, produces a greater awareness of a brand, product or service, through the encouragement to carry on the message passed in the material.

This action disclosure uses techniques that resort to the other means of communication already existing, such as social networks and the internet in general, in order to achieve your main goal.

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Multilevel Marketing

Multilevel marketing is a business model where the seller earns a commission of the total profits obtained by him and by his network of resellers.

This type of marketing ensures that the seller has earned from the direct and indirect sales, being the latter derived from a team of resellers that was formed by him.

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Trade marketing

Trade marketing is a specific area of marketing related to the increase of demand on the part of the wholesaler, retailer or distributor, and which can bring several benefits to these elements.

Although not focused directly to the final consumer, the trade marketing should never be forgotten, because the consumer identifies and assigns value to a given product. So, if people do not have interest in the product, the retailers also will not be interested in commercializing the product.

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Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a set of marketing strategies, which has as its goal the attraction of voluntary potential customers to the company.

This set of strategies is based on the idea of creating and sharing content targeted to a specific audience, where it is possible to gain permission to communicate with these in a more seamless way.