Maldives General Information

Maldives General Information

Tours to the Maldives – the perfect vacation for romantics and diving enthusiasts

In the recent past, tours to the Maldives seemed something not very unrealistic and almost impossible. Everything has changed: last-minute tours to the Maldivesmade holidays in this amazing island country affordable for a variety of budgets, although they are still an expensive pleasure during the holiday season. For those who have never bought tours to the Maldives before, but dream of visiting these most beautiful islands, we offer a quality holiday in the Maldives at an affordable price. Nowhere else in the world will you find such beauty that a vacation in the Maldives can give tourists: golden sandy beaches, exotic tropical vegetation, an abundance of fruits and an extraordinary diversity of the water world – you will never forget it. The choice of resorts offering a decent holiday in the Maldives is extremely large – the islands are happy to welcome vacationers with various financial capabilities. True, if you are interested in a vacation in the Maldives in an expensive 5 * hotel, a ticket will cost much more.

The Maldives is a tourist mecca for diving enthusiasts: the incomparable beauty of underwater coral reefs will leave an indelible impression for a lifetime. Once in the Maldives, you will find yourself in a fairy tale from which you will not want to return.

In our travel agency, you can order an air tour Maldives – Minsk with departure directly from the Minsk airport. Last minute trips to the Maldives give diving enthusiasts the opportunity to relax in luxury hotels such as Bathala, Mirihi, Helengeli and others at the lowest possible cost. The Maldives is rich in resorts with an abundance of “house” reefs. When purchasing trips to the Maldives, the excursion program of which includes sea travel, pay special attention to the hotels Machchafushi, Embudu Village, Filitheyo, Reethi Beach, Vakarufalhi, Vilamendhoo and KureduFesdu.

The Maldives is the best holiday destination for lovers of spa treatments and massages, as well as for romantic natures who dream of seeing charming exotic landscapes. Holidays to the Maldives can be cheaper if you choose budget hotels such as Bathala or Asdu Sun Island, Giraavaru or Thulhagiri. Inexpensive and comfortable you can relax in the tourist hotels Summer Island, Embudu Village, Club Rannalhi, Kandooma, etc.



Capital, major cities:

Time ahead by 2 hours in summer and 3 hours in winter

telephone code 960

currency Maldivian rufiyaa / MVR (1 rupee = 100 laari), 1 USD = ~12.66 MVR

no visa required

the cost of a “typical” dinner in a restaurant – from 30 USD

tips ~10% of the bill

Dhivehi state language

the population is about 359 thousand people.

beach holiday

Silence, peace, beautiful nature, a rich underwater world and a high level of service are the main reasons why tourists choose the Maldives. On the islands (or rather, the atolls) of the archipelago, a calm, secluded style of relaxation prevails, attracting wealthy couples, honeymooners and diving enthusiasts. The main “niche” of the Maldives in the tourism market can be described as follows: a relatively affordable and at the same time completely exotic destination.

main resorts

Baa atoll, Ari atoll, North and South Male atolls.


Regular direct flights on the Moscow-Male route are operated by TransAero. The minimum travel time is 9 hours. There are also scheduled flights by Qatar Airways with a stopover in Doha and Emirates Airlines with a stopover in Dubai. Airport tax in the amount of 10–15 USD is included in the ticket price.


Import and export of foreign currency is not limited. All baggage goes through a rigorous customs inspection. Duty-free import of 200 cigarettes and 125 ml of perfumes, as well as personal consumption goods “within reason”, that is, no more than one item per person, is allowed.
It is strictly forbidden to carry alcoholic beverages, salami sausage, pork and products from it, pornography and drugs. It is forbidden to export black coral and products from it (except for souvenirs made by officially certified manufacturers of the government), products from the shell of a sea turtle, as well as items found at the bottom of the sea.
For the import of alcohol, if it was not noticed by customs officers in time, a monstrous fine is imposed – 500 USD. So we advise you to either not take alcohol with you at all, or leave everything at customs. Surprisingly, when leaving the country they will be returned safe and sound.

Desired phones

The nearest consulate of Russia is located in Sri Lanka: (94-1) 57-4959, 57-3555.


The most common form of water transport in the Maldives is the wooden dhoni with a flat roof. On it you can swim from island to island in 1.5–2 hours. By land they move mainly on bicycles and motorcycles, there are cars only in the capital. In addition, seaplanes can be used to move from island to island.


In accordance with the laws of the Republic of Maldives and the rules established in hotels, it is strictly forbidden to: break and collect living and dead corals in the ocean and near the coast, damage shells and raise them to the surface, fish near the islands (for this, fishing is organized in hotels both on common and large non-commercial fish). Spearfishing is strictly prohibited. Empty cans, bottles or other rubbish cannot be thrown on the islands. There are heavy penalties for violating these rules. Nudism and even innocent “topless” in the country are prohibited by law.

It is forbidden to visit the capital of Male and the islands where locals live in beachwear (it is recommended to wear things that cover the body from shoulders to knees). It is also strictly forbidden to drink alcohol in public places outside the resort area.
Tourists practically do not see the local population – only as servants in a hotel or during excursions: the natives live on other, not “hotel” islands.


Warm and humid. The air temperature is about +30 °C, water – about +26 °C. During the day and at night the temperature is almost the same, short-term rains fall mainly at night. Due to its proximity to the equator, the seasonal changes associated with the monsoons are negligible. During the southwest monsoon (May to October) it rains more often and the weather is more windy. The northeast monsoon season (November to February) is considered less humid. Short-term rains occur at the end of May, in July and in August. The ebbs and flows are almost imperceptible.


Usually in the Maldives there is one hotel per island. Only the island of Kuramati on the northern tip of Aria Atoll stands out from this scheme: there are as many as three hotels there. Hotels offer the following types of accommodation: bungalows, cottages and villas. Each has its own dive center, almost each has its own SPA center.
Almost all hotels in the country are 4-5 *. “Treshki” are extremely rare: mostly undemanding divers stop there, diving in the ocean from morning to evening. There are no apartments at all. The real level of the hotel is always fully adequate to its “star”.
When choosing a hotel, you should carefully read the specific list of services it provides. So, for example, in the hotels of the Universal chain there are no TVs in the rooms, breakfast is a buffet, dinner is a la carte. Hotels of the Villa Hotels chain: European style, paved paths, TV in the room, buffet. There are also hotels “in the Maldivian style”: merging with nature, restaurants on the sand, tables on the sunset side. There are also exclusive hotels of the Luxe category on the islands.

Despite the fact that it is forbidden to import alcohol into the country, alcoholic beverages can be freely purchased on the territory of hotels and drunk there.
There are no animation programs in hotels (with the exception of Italian chains, but these establishments work mainly for their domestic market), far from everywhere they offer an evening program.
Most hotels have international diving schools with qualified instructors. In them, you can get an international PADI certificate by completing a week’s training, consisting of a theoretical course and nine dives with an instructor.


The currency in the Maldives is the rufiyaa, but US dollars and major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere.


From the Maldives they bring shark jaws (a favorite souvenir of tourists), coconut oil, shells, sarongs, wood crafts (hand-sawn red and black figurines), coconut monkeys. In Male, shopping is more serious – there you can profitably buy high-quality foreign-made diving equipment and equipment.

You can bargain in local shops and shops, but they give off very little – a maximum of 2-3 USD.


In the Maldives, you should try rice dishes with the addition of fish curry and coconut milk. Almost all fruits are imported, only coconuts and bananas are our own.


For citizens of the CIS countries, a tourist visa is stamped in the passport free of charge upon arrival and is valid for 30 days from the date of entry into the country. The validity of the passport must be at least 6 months from the date of return.

On the plane, shortly before boarding, passengers are given an immigration card, which they fill out according to the model. After passing through passport control, they have an immigration card spine in their hands, which must be kept until the return flight.

Maldives General Information