Login is a term of English origin, formed by the junction of two words: “log” which is the same as the record and “in,” which means “within”. For now, the term sign means a sign,already has its antonym in English is out (join “log” and “out”, this being the same as “outside”) that refers to terminate the session.


The word sign is often used in the area of technology, especially the internet as a means of access to a particular account. It is a way to increase the security and sharing of information within a digital system, whose access must be restricted to propose more privacy and trust.

The use of a computer system is restricted usually requires an action authentication, which is the same that identify the user. For this, it is required in the access to information of credentials previously registered in the system.

Login 1

Basically, the registered user will need to enter in a specific field, your user name (in English, username) and/or e-mail and a password, or password (in the English language, password). Even as a means of increasing the safety and security of the data, the login must be unique for each user that makes use of the system. And, as to this, it is recommended that you always to terminate your access log out.

As examples of access that is required to use credentials, have e-mail accounts and social networks. To login Facebook, login Google, login and Outlook login Microsoft is required to inform the registered e-mail and the access password.

Login 2

When the user does not remember this data, you can request that the system send to your e-mail the forgotten password or the link to register for the other. On the other hand, when you try to access successively a system with incorrect data, occurs the instant lock, which release can be granted after a few seconds.

Login 3