Landmarks of Cancún, Mexico

Cancún, Mexico

According to Beautypically, the Mexican city of Cancunis a popular tourist resort on the Yucatan Peninsula. The city itself has more than half a million inhabitants. Most tourists do not stay in the city itself, but in the many hotels on the island of the same name, Cancún, which lies in front of the city. This part is often referred to today as the hotel zone or hotel strip. The reason Cancun is so popular as a vacation destination is the fact that the beaches are fantastic, the climate offers warm weather all year round, and Cancun is fairly central to many major attractions. You can visit several remains of historic Mayan cities within a radius of 200 kilometers. You can see how intense the color blue of the sea off the coast of Cancún is when you land or take off near Cancun International Airport by plane. You almost think that the sea has been edited by a photo editing program such as Photoshop, so bright is the blue color for the coastal strip.

Top 10 Cancun Attractions

#1. Beaches

Let’s face it: Cancún’s beaches are by far the city’s main attraction. Much brighter blue as the sea shows here in sunny weather you will not find it elsewhere. It is no coincidence that so many beach hotels have been built on this location. The sea water is always pleasantly warm and the air temperature is always suitable for a day at the beach. If you want to, you can snorkel in various places near Cancún.

#2. Mayan Ruins

There are a number of archaeological sites in Cancún. However, one piece of a Mayan ruin can still be found in this seaside town itself. This is at Ruins del Rey. Other archaeological findings include El Meco, Yamil Lu’um and Pok ta Pok. From Cancún you can also make day trips to larger and more famous Mayan cities such as Chichén Itzá, Tulum and Uxmal.

#3. Xel-Ha

Near Cancún is Mexico’s very special natural aquarium. There are various activities to do such as snuba. This is a combination between snorkeling and diving. Or swim with dolphins or walk on the bottom of the ocean wearing a kind of glass helmet. Maybe ever dreamed of meeting a Manatee? This is also possible in the beautiful Xel-Ha park.

#4. Isla Mujeres

The picturesque island of Isla Mujeres is located a few kilometers from Cancún. Here it is mainly Caribbean style houses so that the Mexican charm is still pure and real. There are a number of restaurants and hotels in this former fishing village, but certainly not as many as in Cancún and Playa del Carmen. It is mainly chilling and relaxing here or a little snorkeling. Or take a walk through the beautiful area of ​​Hacienda Mundaca. There are also some shops and a turtle farm to visit.

#5. Jungle Tours

Jungle Tours are offered by various organizations. You often go into the jungle with a jeep and then visit some villages or residents with a group led by a guide. This way you see and learn a little more about the local customs and ideas. There are also tours where you go fishing, snorkeling, diving or, for example, with water scooters.

#6. Amusement parks

There are a few parks near Cancún where you can enjoy yourself. For example, there is the Garrafon Natural Park in Isla Mujeres, which is about 25 minutes by boat from Cancún. Here you can experience various adventures in and near the water. Or Xplor with its unique underground world. If you want to swim interactively with a shark, you should not miss a visit to Xcaret.

#7. nightlife

Cancún’s nightlife will not disappoint. There is something for everyone to find. There are more than enough restaurants, bars and lively clubs and discotheques. In fact, Cancún’s nightclubs are among the best in the world. In some clubs, acrobats entertain themselves or create particularly spectacular light shows. The highlight in Cancún is Coco Bongo, where many evenings there is a line to enter.

#8. Horse riding

There are several ranches in Cancún, where you can rent a horse. It is of course great to walk through the surf with such a horse and enjoy a setting sun. But actually every trip by horse is recommended. You quickly feel one with nature and can enjoy all the beautiful things you encounter along the way.

#9. Crococun Zoo

This original crocodile farm is now a bit more extensive with a number of other animals such as monkeys, deer, birds and snakes. You will receive an explanation about the animals and sometimes you can even hold a small crocodile.

#10. Shop

Those who like to shop for local products will be disappointed in Cancún. It is mainly big brands and names that pass by in the huge range of shops. There are also a number of ‘malls’ including the La Isla Shopping Mall and Kukulcan Plaza.

Cancún, Mexico