Johnston, Rhode Island Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Johnston, Rhode Island

According to ablogtophone, Johnston, Rhode Island is a small town located in the heart of the state and is bordered by several other cities and towns. To its north lies the city of Providence, Rhode Island’s capital and largest city. Providence is home to a variety of attractions such as Brown University, the Rhode Island School of Design, Roger Williams Park Zoo, and the Providence Performing Arts Center. To Johnston’s east lies North Providence which offers a variety of shopping centers and restaurants for residents to enjoy. Cranston borders Johnston to the south. This bustling city offers residents plenty of recreational activities such as golfing at Cranston Country Club or taking in a show at The Vets Memorial Auditorium. To Johnston’s west lies Scituate which is an affluent town with beautiful homes and plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities. Residents can take a walk along one of its many trails or visit nearby Arcadia Management Area for fishing or boating activities. All these towns offer something unique for residents to explore while still being close enough to Johnston that they can easily commute into town for work or entertainment purposes.

Johnston, Rhode Island

Population of Johnston, Rhode Island

Johnston, Rhode Island is a small town located in the heart of the state. According to the United States Census Bureau, the population of Johnston was 28,769 as of 2019. The town has a diverse population with people from all walks of life. The majority of Johnston’s population is White (78%) followed by Hispanic or Latino (11%), African American (6%), Asian (3%), and Native American/Pacific Islander (1%).

The median age in Johnston is 42.4 years old with about 14% of the population being under the age of 18 and just over 17% being over 65 years old. There are slightly more women than men living in Johnston with a gender ratio of 0.95 males per female.

Johnston is also an economically diverse town with a median household income of $61,800 and a poverty rate of 10%, which is slightly lower than the national average poverty rate. The largest industries in Johnston are retail trade, health care and social assistance, manufacturing, construction, and education services.

The town also boasts an educated population with about 27% having obtained a Bachelor’s degree or higher which is higher than both the state and national averages for educational attainment. Overall, Johnston is a diverse community that offers its residents plenty to enjoy in terms of culture, recreation activities, education opportunities, and more.

Schools and Education in Johnston, Rhode Island

Johnston, Rhode Island is served by the Johnston Public School System. The district includes five elementary schools, one middle school, one high school, and an alternative education program. In addition, there are several private and parochial schools located in the town.

The Johnston Public Schools are committed to providing a quality education to all students. The district is focused on creating an environment that emphasizes collaboration, critical thinking skills, and technology integration in order to prepare students for success beyond high school.

The district also offers a variety of extracurricular activities such as sports teams and clubs for students to participate in. There are also several after-school programs available including tutoring and enrichment activities.

Johnston is also home to two higher education institutions; Johnson & Wales University and Community College of Rhode Island’s (CCRI) Knight Campus. Johnson & Wales University offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs in business, hospitality management, culinary arts and more. CCRI’s Knight Campus provides associate degree programs as well as certificate programs for adult learners looking to complete their college degrees or advance their career paths.

Overall, Johnston is committed to providing its residents with quality educational opportunities from early childhood through higher education. With its commitment to innovation and collaboration in the classroom as well as its variety of extracurricular activities Johnston is an excellent place for students of all ages to receive a quality education that will prepare them for success beyond high school.

Places of Interest in Johnston, Rhode Island

Johnston is home to many places of interest, from historical sites to nature preserves. One of the most popular attractions is the Johnston Historical Society Museum. This museum showcases artifacts from the town’s past, giving visitors a glimpse into its history. Another popular spot is Clear River State Park. This park offers visitors plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking and biking trails, and a playground for children. There are also picnic areas and pavilions for larger groups to gather in. Nearby is the Johnston Memorial Park which includes a pond, trails, and open fields for playing sports or simply enjoying nature. The park also has an amphitheater where locals can enjoy concerts or plays during the summer months. For those looking for more of an adventure, there is also the Arcadia Management Area which offers miles of trails perfect for hiking or biking. In addition to these outdoor activities, Johnston also features many shops and restaurants that serve local cuisine as well as international dishes. With so much to do in Johnston, it’s no wonder why this town has become a popular destination to visit!