Johnny Hellstorm Responses to Darn 13 Questions

In today’s interview, we are lucky, to feel the photographer Johnny Hellstorm on the tooth once.
Johnny remained early infected by Elvis, Bill Haley and the punk of the seventy from the outset a bit behind the times. Thus he was immune to fashion trends and Mach but with actions, drove has always been cars that are older than him and had to find some chore together his clothes and gimmicks. His business and everyday life is the retro photography with musicians, pin-ups and scene types in addition to the fashion and product photography.

On the question after his current projects and plans for the future, Johnny gave following answer us:

Last year, I was travelling a lot to Promobilder and interviews for dynamite, tattoo magazine among other things to make (thanks to the guys and gals in the editorial offices). I had the opportunity to learn about many smaller bands and with real sizes such as Kris Kristofferson, Brian Setzer, to work Slim Jim phantom or also the members. That was great fun, was also very time consuming. Last product and fashion photography has claimed more and more me, what very pleased, because it more or less is my daily business.

Anyway, I will work in the future with musicians and performers. Also, I follow my Hollywood project, where I 40s photograph style in the classic until 1950s. Without Flash, but with a lot of hand work on the set and virtually no image editing. For 2015 I am planning something in the B-movie-style based but it is still not feasible. If the one or the other retro model (m/w) has still been interested, I am always about contact. (You can find all the contact details at the end of the interview!)

Interview with Johnny Hellstorm

And here we go, Johnny Hellstorm and his responses to our “darn 13 questions”:

(1) If you think back to your youth, which song comes immediately to mind?

Jailhouse rock. Not because I was a prison baby, but because it was my first consciously perceived Elvis song indexed by songaah. From then on, it was only in this direction.

(2) Colorful pictures on the skin. How do you think about tattoos and body jewelry?

I like personally very much and should be in my opinion for example in classic fashion shots no longer a problem today (what unfortunately every now and then even it is from a customer perspective). For authentic retro shots sometimes still inappropriate, as “earlier” there was just in the form like today simply do not. Otherwise, I think tattoos are a personal thing and not first and foremost piece of jewelry to the rum point. You need no tattoos to be cool and you can have Tats and still remain a bore.

(3) Imagine you would hold an own music festival, which three bands/singers would occur there?

The poor Lemmy would have ran properly only with Slim Jim as Headcat, followed by Motörhead. Then of course again stray cats, Iggy Pop and the members, the bones and P. Paul Fenech. As a Warm-Up, I’d give a chance one or two lesser-known rockabilly bands.Juliette Lewis still and maybe one really good Elvis impersonator. They were already three?

(4) Rock ‘n’ roll until I die…du your own life style did. How important for you to be with friends, family and leisure friends?

Friends and family come first. Usually that’s like rock and roll and if not time, that’s no problem. I’m not one who seeks out its orbit is the net weight of pomade in my hair or the number of tattoos. I surround myself happy with people who are authentic, no matter what style. Everything else makes no sense.
Well and with the leisure that is such a thing. Fortunately, I wouldn’t know sometimes work from leisure and am very grateful that this is so.

(5) We all are invariably older. What has changed in recent years, agree to, changed scene in the model / photographer?

As often called at this point, everything is really become more open. You can meet more people and get things very much easier, unless pomade, clothes, plates, or concerts. In return, rock and roll has now long since arrived in the mainstream, and some believe it could be a rockabilly concert in the multi function anorak. Not so nice!

(6) You can use a time machine to an event in the past travel, where you would like to go?

I would hold buddy and the boys of it, to get on the plane, take away the car keys from James Dean, gene and Eddie, introduce Elvis in the art of low-fat cooking, and save a few other types before the untimely demise. If then still fuel in the time machine, I would visit a series of concerts, for which it is now too late.

(7) What is an event that you would like to be included under any circumstances?

With free drinks almost everything can be beautiful but on a Nicholas celebration of the KKK would you still just meet me like on a Star Wars-or role playing Convention.

Johnny Hellstorm Responses to Darn 13 Questions 1

(8) If you could slip in the role of another person for a day, who would it be and why?

I can’t tell. If possible, I would switch times the gender or skin color like for a day, to see how it is. Again for a day a child, wouldn’t be too bad. Or a Bayern fan, to see how it feels to win.

(9) You’re sitting on a park bench. Suddenly, a man beside you, who claims to be God. Which two questions would you ask him…?

What are you taking? Can I have some of them?

(10) Imagine once, you could make a whole year vacation or take a break. What would you do?

I would realize all the projects I have in mind, I but can’t afford, because they are covered by the term “Art” and not “Commerce”. Street photography in different corners of the world for example. Travel on all cases.

(11) How important is clothing for you? Expression of your inner state of mind, statement in everyday life or incidental, necessary everyday action?

Very important. I’m practically never without the House
Seriously, I have great value clothes that I like. That is usually fraught with retro charm with me. Especially for boots, I’m even a bit like a girl. I have a bunch of unkaputtbarer treads, which partly already for decades come with me and be worn still by me.Nevertheless, I give regularly.

(12) What is essential / necessary for you? What you not do without at all?

Freedom. Social interaction needs rules and respect but I think the fundamental freedom in thought and movement for the highest good. Everyone can do what he wants as long as he so not is another pointer.

(13) You have the last word… Whhich question did you like to be asked ever in an interview?

Johnny Hellstorm Responses to Darn 13 Questions 2