Is Android Wear Customizable?

Much has been said in recent days about mobile devices that will be used on the wrist, be it bracelets or even smart watches. Having war in this market has been maintained by Google with Android Wear, the giant Apple with Apple Watch, the Pulse of, among many others.

However, Google has announced over the last week that it will soften the customization of Android Wear.

Is Android Wear Customizable 1

The giant Google is softening the customization of Android Wear, stating that the smartwatches will have many possibilities in the future to be customizable .

According to TucsonSmartWatches, ZenWatch, the smart clock introduced in September by ASUS, will show how additional customization can work, and in this device will be found features that are not present in other Android watches. This watch will have a customizable dual touch, a mute cover, and an extra set of applications such as a presentation control and a remote phone finder.

Is Android Wear Customizable 2

Lockheimer said that this flexibility will also apply to Auto Android and Android TV. Google’s vice president of engineering says that in this way the company wants to strike a balance between differentiation and customization.

While manufacturers may be in control of time, the American giant plans to think about applications that will be pre-installed on devices instead of making drastic interface changes.

In June, David Burke said that Google would control the interface of Android Wear, Auto Android and Android TV in the same way, with the aim of having all systems working in the same way and with the same interface.

Is Android Wear Customizable 3

Contradicting a little, now Lochkeimer says that Google needs to give its partners distinct features, and that these differences can be very useful for the company, provided that Google can always bring their partners a “period of depression “For a period of excitation.

With two contradictory statements in a short space of time, how will the American giant address its devices from now on?