Hua Hin Travel Guide


Hua Hin offers golf and sunny beaches. Hua Hin is Thailand’s oldest beach resort, where royals also thrive. You can get to the city to play golf and enjoy the winter sun. In Hua Hin, you can relax and unwind in an environment that is also suitable for the Thai royal family.


Hua Hin’s long tradition

Hua Hin has long enjoyed a reputation among Thai tourists. As a holiday destination, it has become familiar to many locals – all the way to the royal family.

Hua Hin also rose to the consciousness of the rest of the world a long time ago. Opened almost a hundred years ago, the bustling Centara Grand Beach Resort is one of Hua Hin’s most famous landmarks.

Continued popularity and years of tourism have made Hua Hin an easy holiday destination for tourists: services ranging from restaurants to hotels and excursions abound. The downside, though, is the push, as you can hear offers from tailors and masseurs every few meters.

However, the detective will still find a traditional fishing village, as long as he has the temper to go a little outside the city center.

Beach and golf

Hua Hin Beach offers things to do for the whole family. On a sunny day, the soft sandy beach glows white and the turquoise water invites you to take a dip, even if you don’t happen to find a pool complex in your own hotel.

The shoreline is full of activities. One day you can even enjoy a banana boat ride and the next due to variation jump on the horse’s back. For relaxation, you can instead rent a beach chair or arrive on the sand with your own towel.

In addition to water sports, Hua Hin has the opportunity to do more. Hua Hin Golf Courses, for example, are some of the best in Thailand. The environment with its waterfalls and manicured parks provides a wonderful setting for walks.

Shopping and food discoveries

Hua Hin also offers quite good conditions for shoppers. Finding souvenirs in the confusion of hundreds of small boutiques in cities does not become a problem. Numerous tailors can even have the whole piece of clothing made to order at an attractive price.

Tough competition seems to be in the clothing market, and tailors hanging on the sleeve are more the rule than the exception. You can inquire about the coordinates of the boutiques found at your local or own hotel. With good luck the track is excellent and the price affordable.

As the evening fades, Hua Hin’s culinary offer comes to life. There are countless restaurants in the downtown area serving dishes from all over the world. You should also try the city’s night market, which offers not only traditional noodles and rice dishes, but also slightly more exotic dishes in Western countries.

You can see more on the excursions

Most travel agencies in Hua Hin arrange excursions to places of interest. One enduring favorite is an overnight trip to the River Kwai, where you will stay overnight at a hotel built on the water after a train ride. This trip is said to be one of the most memorable in Thailand.

There are also interesting excursions from local travel agencies. These excursions are mostly international. In addition, the friendly rickshaw drivers are happy to arrange excursions to the surrounding area and tell the history of the area.

In addition to organized excursions, the heartbeat of Bangkok can be reached from Hua Hin by train or bus. The destination for snorkelers is definitely Koh Talu (also spelled Koh Thalu) with its clear waters and white sand beaches.

Hot and humid climate

The climate in Thailand is hot and humid, so it’s worth taking light summer clothes with you on your trip. The hottest is in March-April, when the temperature hurts to about 35 degrees Celsius. In summer, showers are common. The evenings are coolest in December-January.



Outside Hua Hin, there are various Theme Parks that are most easily reached by taxi or rental car.

Flights and trips to Hua Hin

The most convenient route from Finland to Hua Hin is via Bangkok Airport, from where the journey continues after about ten hours by road for about four hours.

Many domestic travel agencies arrange package tours to Hua Hin without having to worry about rides. The self-employed traveler will fold the trip between Hua Hin and Bangkok at its cheapest for about five euros.

Due to its quite central location, Hua Hin is also a good base for a more comprehensive expedition to Thailand. Transport connections in practically all directions are in order.

Accommodation from bungalows to luxury hotels

In terms of accommodation, the traveler has a choice in Hua Hin. Right in the center are popular and upscale hotels such as the Hilton and Sofitel.

Those looking for cheaper alternatives should head to the narrow and winding alleys of the city center. The guesthouses offer accommodation for up to 10 euros per night. There are also affordable options near the beach.

Those looking for more exotic accommodation should head outside the center of Hua Hin. The beaches of these hotels are often quieter and well maintained. For wedding couples, one romantic accommodation option is a bungalow villa with a private jacuzzi.

Walking or tuk-tuk around the destination

The distances in Hua Hin are quite short, and walking is a long way off. Going further, tuk-tuk is an affordable option, but compromising on these rides is not to be forgotten. You can also find decent taxis in the city.

A scooter rental is also a viable option for these. It is a good idea to skip the two-wheelers, as even in a smaller place the traffic culture may surprise you. Even the more experienced should remember to wear a helmet.



Maruekathaiyawan Palace is located between Hua Hin and Cha-am.

Maruekathaiyawan Palace

From Hua Hin, it is easy to take a trip to Maruekathaiyawa Palace, the former summer residence of the Royal Family of Thailand. The magnificent Victorian-style building now serves as a museum. For a visit, you should dress neatly and a little more opaque the same way you would go to a temple, for example.

The candy-colored palace is located by the sea between Hua Hin and Cha-am Resort. Visit here if you want to make a time travel to 20th century Hua Hin.

Hua Hin Railway Station

In Hua Hin, it’s definitely worth a visit to see the city’s train station, even if you don’t get there by train. The colorful architecture and royal waiting area make the place interesting. In addition, the railway station was of great importance in the 1920s for Hua Hin to become a popular beach destination. Connections from both Bangkok and Singapore attracted holidaymakers.

Taste experiences in the night market

The food on offer at Hua Hin’s night market is varied and high quality. There are dishes ranging from rice and noodles to crackers and various insects. The atmosphere as the pans of the street kitchens hiss and the scents mix on a warm evening is unique.

When filling your stomach, you can get souvenirs at home on the same trip, because in addition to food stalls, there are dozens of small stalls on the night market selling their products. From time to time, real discoveries can be made from Krääsa.

Relax on the beach

The beach of Hua Hin has plenty of sun, heat and sand – they get the holidaymaker a long way. The water is warm all year round and in addition to traditional water games there are plenty of activities.

Golf in the sun

Hua Hin has some of the best golf courses in Thailand. The environment with its waterfalls and well-kept parks offers a beautiful setting and the year-round heat guarantees a pleasant gaming experience.



From Hua Hin you can easily make an excursion to the Kwai River.

The best activities

  1. Lapping on the beach
  2. Delicacy in the night market
  3. Golf
  4. Shopping
  5. Excursion to the River Kwaii

The most interesting buildings

  1. Maruekathaiyawan Palace
  2. Hua Hin Railway Station
  3. Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas
  4. Plearn Wan Shopping Village
  5. Khao Takiab Temple