How to Wash Spelt Chaff Pillow


The pillow for breastfeeding is essential, because it can give prosperity to mom that your child. Specially designed shape ensures ideal posture to both, and creates a very intimate moment. The only problem is when it gets dirty, maybe as a result of infant regurgitation, resulting in bad odor in the days that followed. One of the most common models is to spelt, but requires a thorough washing, to avoid damaging it permanently. In the next steps of this guide, we see therefore how to wash correctly spelt chaff pillow.

How to Wash Spelt Chaff Pillow 1

If the pillow has dirtied superficially, you should only remove the cover and wash it then smoothly by hand or machine, taking the opportunity to sterilize it with specific commercially available products, which serve for the washing in cold or hot, in order to guarantee maximum hygiene for both to the mom that the nursing infant.

How to Wash Spelt Chaff Pillow 2

However, if the baby has regurgitated a good quantity of breast milk, which consequently infiltrates spelt chaff, to clean the entire pillow adequately, it is no longer enough to remove and wash only the cover, but the operation must involve the entire structure. In this case you can put it in the washing machine, but only when cold, to prevent excessive heat can damage the internal fibers. Overcame this obstacle, it is essential to dry. But even in this case there is a problem; in fact, for a completely dry the cushion species in winter, requires at least three or four days, so it becomes imperative to find an alternative to avoid having to deprive for so long. The ideal solution is to remove the dirt with a sponge, and then proceed in two distinct ways. The first is a dry, using water, baking soda and talcum powder, thereby creating a sort of cream, similar to a dry shampoo.

How to Wash Spelt Chaff Pillow 3

The second method is the one most recommended, both for a correct sterilization, which for almost drying fast. In this case, you can use steam, such as that of electronic diffusers in use in homes to destroy dust mites from sofas and carpets. Whatever the solution chosen for cleaning the spelt chaff, the final recommendation is not to squeeze ever sort after washing, they couldn’t lose its anatomical shape (Donut), which otherwise is more functional and comfortable.