How to Use Winter Coats

Ponchos, parkas, wool … the winter coats are beautiful and create a look amazing! Now, all you need is to learn when to use each one and what models can not miss in your wardrobe

All it took was the temperature down a little bit for us get the winter coats from the closet. Imagine this year who downloaded. The city of Sao Paulo recorded zero degrees. What hasn’t happened for 12 years. I’m not really cold but like coats! (rs) In addition to classics, the Cardigans – primarily in neutral colors-leave any woman more feminine and elegant.

The jackets are the perfect piece for those who want to give an up in look, but can’t come up with a lot, especially in the corporate environment. With dresses or skirts, slacks or jeans, separated the models of coats that are going to take the streets in those colder days and below help you combine them. Are you warm and full of charm all winter. Take a look!

The Aviator model – that of leather with synthetic collar in white or ivory – fell in the taste of it-girls in 2016. Besides being super warm, he looks great in more informal looks and married well with dresses and ankle boots. Ah, who’s more chubby can also use this model of coat at home, after all, even being more exact, he draws attention to the cervix and disguises the undesirable belly flab.

How to Use Winter Coats 1

Wool coats
Classics, the Cardigans, whether they are 7/8, .75 or are well acinturados go well with everything! Leggings, dresses, slacks, skirts or tight jeans. To make the look even more elegant, I recommend using them with heel sandals or heel. Those who like the convenience of athleisure – the trend that mixes social tennis outfit – it is best to use a long trench coat, matching pants a little more short, leaving out the ankles. Looks great and modern to go there!

For those not familiar, the spencer is nothing more than a short jacket. It should be avoided by those who have big hips, since the template ends exactly in this region, highlighting the area. To match it, just make short skirts or midi, preferably tight. If you prefer trousers, prefer models with straight cuts. Combined with silk shirt looks great.

Perfect for anyone who works out and need to keep warm, even in a more formal production. The current models of blazers include cuff, which gives a more modern touch to the piece. Unfinished at the time of the hips, are even better with skinnyjeans. My fashion tip is use it with the sleeves rolled up and a nice mix of bracelets. Wow!

Whether they are jeans, or bombers, the jackets are perfect for those seeking a more sporty look and still need to disguise the belly flab and arms, since they are more larguinhas. With front zipper or buttons, the jackets allow you to compose your production with Turtleneck sweaters, jeans, t-shirts and sneakers hipsters.

How to Use Winter Coats 2

Trench coat
I particularly love this jacket model! Wildcards, they fall well for any woman. The more little ones can combine them with boots and high heels, thus earning the illusion of some centimeters in height. Valley combine the trench coats also with dresses (long or short) and tights. The belt, this most trench coats, help fine tune waist and disguise your hips. Many still are of nylon, fabric perfect for rainy days.

Well, the parkas are characterized by the presence of zippers, pockets, and elastic. Although very practical, they end up being very bulky parts, so is need attention before using them. Closed Valley combine them with leggings and sneakers. To wear them with dresses, I recommend using the parka with the zipper open. That way, you will keep warm, without making the look too casual.

Made, the ponchos permit you to migrate from informal to formal look in a snap. The colourful are the cutest! I love to combine the ponchos with graphic prints with skinny black pants and boots over the knee. To keep the production too bulky, bet on a dry long sleeve shirt underneath.

The famous variation on the good old classic Cardigan Sweater (or buttoned Cardigan in front) is the perfect option for those who prefer a more classic style. It can be used by any woman height, weight or age, the secret to not making mistakes in look is choosing a color that does not highlight the chubbiness. Basic, the Cardigans can be used on top of basic sweaters, dresses and shirts with the most different types of collars. The longer version of the piece (called maxicardig찾) are released for use with shorts, jeans and even tennis. If you’re going to combine it with skirts or dresses, it is best to bet on high heels.

How to Use Winter Coats 3

Want to Bet the Coats? The Tips:
 Have big hips? Invest in heavy coats. They harmonize the silhouette and disguise measures.
 Jackets with shoulder pads, if combined with high-waisted skirt, will leave you more tall and thin. Can use at will.
 Brown, black and white are neutral colors and fall well in all types of coats. So, if you hit a doubt in choosing color, neutral tones are a good thing.
 Tall women or above 1.70 are beautiful with knee length coats.
 In choosing what to wear under jackets, remember the inverse rule: the heavier the coat must be thin blouse or shirt.
 Coats with the length below the hip and fine-tune the butt. OBA!
 Who has little breast can not only, how should you play in coats with fur on the collar. They give the impression of a larger bust.

And you, what is the coat style you like the most?