How to Use Torn Jeans (Destroyed)

The time has passed in which use torn jeans was synonymous with “sloppiness”, right people. It’s been a while since the jeans destroyed fell in the grace of the gang, and was taking care of the most stylish looks in various forms: a torn jeans, shorts, a vest shredded destroyed, and so it goes … where our style and personality to leave.

And it looks like it’s just getting to that time of heat that we start tearing the clothes! Spring is here and it’s time to start betting on this new trend. But hey, still scrolls that d life of how to use pieces like this without looking like they went off to war and forgot to change?

When we talk about ripped jeans, pants is the first thing that POPs in our head. How about start one way even more daring and stylish mega? The model boyfriend is a wonderful option to play this trend:

How to Use Torn Jeans (Destroyed) 1

Combine with jump to decrease chances of getting a visual very quit.

A good dark glasses adds style instantly.

Comb your hair: up or down, it doesn’t matter! Just give more attention to the wires.

If the idea is a look quite comfortable for a quiet weekend, why did you go hunting wear heels? Take a look in the Assembly up and tell me what these looks have in common?

A “formal” piece to break the visual randomness.

How to Use Torn Jeans (Destroyed) 2

You see that cool trick? Mount a combination almost all stripped, and supplement with a third piece more tidy as a tailor shop, a blazer, etc. And don’t forget the accessories!

But it doesn’t stop there, folks. The possibilities are endless, always trendy and it all depends on your style, mood, taste, etc. So, check out these other ways to play the “rasgadão”:

You don’t always have to use jump, throws himself in sneaker, slip on, moccasin or flats. But without the pants is straight or wider, always with turn-ups.

Black and white can also! Break the classic air of this combination by using a pair of more podrinha.

Is too bold? No problem, make a big hole in that pants and complement the look with accessories that represent you.

How to Use Torn Jeans (Destroyed) 3

Enjoyed the tips and inspirations? We can see that there are several and various ways to use this trend. Which one suits you? Kisses!