How to Use the Neckline Shoulder to Shoulder

The cleavage give a charm on the shirt, especially when the combination is very formal and you need to break that image to go to dinner or out with friends. The neckline, shoulder to shoulder, also called by many of ciganinha model, could not be inspired by other people unless we Gypsies.

An advantage of this type of cleavage is that it can be used by women of all ages and from various forms of body. However, if you have very broad shoulders and breasts too, this can leave the neckline look vulgar and increase the width of the shoulders causing a disproportionate.

How to mount looks with shoulder-to-shoulder neckline

How to Use the Neckline Shoulder to Shoulder 1

This model of blouse is very romantic and worth having at least a piece in the wardrobe. He has the face of spring and summer, so you can start making your stock to carry on suitcase when reach the holidays. Even being a simpler model, it can also be used at parties.

Shoulder to shoulder neckline dresses

This look is perfect for daytime and less formal events. To enhance the visual accessories come into play as the longer necklaces or maxicolar. Seat belts are also great allies in these combinations, with the buckle of pedrarias is the one that goes with this model.

But don’t think that it is only valid for use during the day. The dress with neckline shoulder to shoulder may also be used in places like bars and nightly ballads. Choose a darker color, a high-heeled sandals and accessories with more intense colors.

Shoulder to shoulder neckline on blouses

How to Use the Neckline Shoulder to Shoulder 2

Any piece of bottom (skirt, short pants) combines with shoulder-to-shoulder neckline sweaters, just wondering if fit for the occasion. Gives even to go to work with that model by choosing a pair of tailoring and a pumps, namely, to combine a more stripped with classical pieces. In this case, the prints and thicker fabrics should be avoided.

Learn to ride looks amazing with basic parts.

Shoulder to shoulder neckline for parties

For those who do not believe that it would not be possible to use the neckline shoulder to shoulder at parties with a more sophisticated look, got it wrong. Here, care must be taken with the type of fabric and pattern, which preferably should have no more than two colors. To get even better, you can choose midi lengths or long dress and complete the look with more sophisticated accessories like stiletto sandals and bag with pedrarias.

See these tips on how to use shoulder-to-shoulder neckline

How to Use the Neckline Shoulder to Shoulder 3

  • The perfect biotype to use this type of play is that woman with hips and breasts medium or small, beyond narrow shoulders;
  • Women with large breasts are not prohibited from using the neckline shoulder to shoulder, but must be careful to choose more fluid fabrics;
  • Housewives chubby arms can make a great ally with this model, since this cleavage has the power to disguise them very well, especially if the sleeve is long;

See the looks to be inspired and create a look amazing.