How to Use the Must-Have Shoe of Summer 2017

Comfortable and full of personality, the slide-slippers that were already sets in the years 90-come back with more modern than ever. Learn how to use already!

Who knew those nothing delicate chinelões-formerly called “rider” – used primarily by men in the years 90, would return with everything. A new and modern versions, the slide are the big bet of the fashionistas that for this summer, more than ever, are looking to combine style and comfort.

How to Use the Must-Have Shoe of Summer 2017 1

After the tennis with dresses or even with pieces of tailoring and metallic shoes, is the time of the slide rule absolutes in street style. And the frisson was so much that it was not long before major sports brands like Adidas, Nike and Puma (in partnership with Rihanna) release their versions of the shoe.

After that, the slide became a fever! Famous brands like Calvin Klein, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Givenchy and even the more accessible, such as Arezzo, Schutz, Rosa Cha, Salinas, Melissa and Catwalk surrendered to the trend and included the slide in their collections.

Democratic and comfortable, Yes, but it is a mistake to think that because they are a type of slipper, the slide can only be used with swimwear. On the contrary, they are beautiful if combined with skinnyjeans, high waistshorts, mini-skirts, and even vestides.

How to Use the Must-Have Shoe of Summer 2017 2

It is true that unlike other trends, it takes a little bit of adjustment to get used to the slide, since the piece is delicate and does not sit well with any look. The good news is that, to stand out, they’ve been showing up in different versions, one more beautiful than the other! Has something for everyone: with crossed straps, with precious stones (as the template created by Karl Lagerfield to the latest collection from Chanel), fun phrases, striped, plastic … just pick one (or more!) to call your models!

There are those who dare even more and bet in a cool style and cool using the slide with a half. Will be?

And there, will bet on that trend? Tell me in the comments!

How to Use the Must-Have Shoe of Summer 2017 3