How to Use The Green “Greenery”

The “green leaf” is elected the Pantone color of the year and we teach you right to use and abuse of this trend

Every December I keep an eye on choice of Pantone, global supplier standards of colors, to find out which color will be voted the big trend for the coming year.

After the delicate Rosé “Quartz” and “Blue Serenity” in 2016 (Yes, the two tones were so beautiful that they failed to decide on a color!) and the sensuality of Marsala in 2015, the foliage green, called by the Pantone of Greenery, bring strength and energy to 2017.

How to Use The Green Greenery 1

Brands as Balenciaga and Emilio Pucci had already shown in such parts “Greenery” in his collections of summer shows, which should hit stores in March. So, you can bet: throughout the year the Green will be a success!

I, I’m a fan of green, I love it! And taking a look at some pictures of my Instagram, noticed that I already have some pieces in that color and therefore can abuse this tendency at will. OBA!

Here are my tips: for the Green doesn’t weigh a lot and leave the visual overloaded, it is best to use the Greenery in just one piece of the look.

How to Use The Green Greenery 2

If you opt for shirts, blazers or t-shirts more drained in this tonality, finalize the look with a white slacks, neutral wash jeans (both in pants and shorts) and black leather skirt, white or caramel.

In fact, the caramel and nude combine very well with green Greenery. In clothing, as in purses, bags and shoes, they soften the strong impact of the tone and leave the more delicate and feminine look.

Another good idea is to use the Greenery in their pants and compose the production with white blazer and white race. So, the look runs away from the obvious and is at the same time modern and comfortable. How about?

How to Use The Green Greenery 3

For you keep breathing in, take a look at these other ways to use green Greenery, including makeup.

And then, like the color? To include the Greenery in your wardrobe? Tell me in the comments!