How to Use the Cropped Top

This piece is one of the most commonly used by women this summer. She is great to take to the beach or wherever you want to be more comfortable as a bar or at a barbecue with friends. The cropped top is a piece that covers only the fair going bust until almost the very end of the ribs.

Despite being a piece that covers very little, the cropped top was designed to be used in favor of those who have a little fat in the abdomen or waist and want to hide it. So, the best way to use the cropped top is with the bottom of high waist as a skirt, pants or shorts.

What is the proper way to use the Cropped Top

How to Use the Crochet Cropped Top 1

The cropped top is great to combine with a low rise higher. Ideally, only the waist stay out, that region of the trunk where it makes the little draw, just below the ribs. The brazilian woman has plenty of waist and cropped top can help you to value this strong point of your body.

But be careful. The cropped top is only meant for those who want to hide a few wobbly bits and call attention to the curves at the same time. If your belly went from being just with love handles and she is a bit larger, this play may not be the most appropriate.

Tips for using the cropped top and hit to the extent

You can find the cropped top of several models. The tightest should be used, preferably with a record low as a skirt or shorts. That leaves look more elegant and passes away. Noting that the intention of the cropped is not to show everything and Yes, your strong point.

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How to Use the Crochet Cropped Top 2

For those who have some love handles and want to hide it, the option is to use the cropped top with a bottom of black color, bandage skirts or pencil skirts. The fabric is a bit thicker and just scoring well under the body, in addition to bringing sophistication to the visual.

To the cropped top wider the thought should be the other way around. The bottom should be more like tight shorts and pants with waist until the navel, at least. This combination falls very well and leaves you with the curvy body. The legging pants and skinny are great models for this visual.

The shoe should also match the Cropped Top

In choosing shoes to complete the look with the cropped top is necessary to keep in mind that this piece cut your body horizontal way. That is, the more little ones should avoid using it. But if you can’t resist, always use it with a nice high heels that show the back of the feet completely.

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How to Use the Crochet Cropped Top 3

The highest can also err in this regard. Use a cropped top with a longer skirt as the pencil and put a shoe, for example, don’t let the look harmonious. Skirts below the knee must come accompanied by a jump up high no matter what the occasion.