How to Use the Crochet Cropped Top

The cropped top is here to stay, that there can be no doubt. The great advantage of this piece is that she shows quite versatile, and can be made with materials and different models. The consequence of this is that the top croppeds can be used on several occasions and even on days with mild temperatures.

The crochet became very present in the wardrobe. We can see many parts in the Windows as dresses, skirts and, of course, the top croppeds. The fact that it can be produced manually allows is custom made, with the exact mold of each body, with the desired model and color of choice.

How to use crochet cropped top

Any woman can wear this piece. She is great for those with little bust, because it offers greater volume in the region. And even those who do not live without bra can choose models with adjustable, offering greater support. See below for how to use the top cropped in several occasions.

How to Use the Crochet Cropped Top 1

On the beach

Without doubt this is the place with which this play more matches. As the top cropped makes the more rustic and artisanal style, he has everything to do with a coastal environment. He looks great with high waist as skirts and shorts, but as the beach is a place for little clothing, has no problem using the piece with lower waist and show a little more of the tummy.

A great model of top cropped for use on the beach are the most and always low-cut shorts, with fringes or bikini model. A great combination for the look is to use accessories such as bracelets and earrings with precious stones and a more refined sandals with braids and ropes.

For the day to day

Is a mistake to think that the top cropped fit only to be used on the beach. You can use it in urban environments since the occasion allows it. For more informal occasions you can match it with shorts and abuse of the pictures. But, if you go to a birthday party try to marry it with a high waist to balance and bet in accessories to compose a more refined look.

How to Use the Crochet Cropped Top 2

For evening wear

Yes, cropped top is not a piece just to be exposed to the Sun, he can be used to go out at night and of course, always combining with the occasion. You’re not going with him to a graduation or wedding and Yes, for a party with friends or dinner more comfortable.

Here, the ideal is that the models are narrower and longer. The colors more closed and with winter tones as wine, black and Navy Blue fall very well in visual. The accessories is complete the look with a nice high heels and elegant furnishings.

Where to find top cropped

If you live in a coastal region will not have the slightest problem to find this piece. But, if the answer is no, even better! There are several videos on the internet that teaches you how to make crochet and the cropped top with everything complete, including padded model.

You can make various models and of various colors with your own hands without spending a fortune in shops. The materials are not very expensive and it is still possible to turn this into a business, selling to friends, known and maybe even to your city stores.

How to Use the Crochet Cropped Top 3