How to Use the Boyish Look

Combine beauty and comfort can be a difficulty for many women. Wearing heels, tight clothes that mark any little fat and can disturb no day goes by making you comfortable. To contrast with this, the boyish look can give more comfort because it unites men’s clothes, which are usually more loose-fitting, feminine clothing.

Tank tops, vests, pants, shirts, tailoring blazers and oxford shoes are part of the universe and are constantly present in this in visual boyish. Other looks that can also be part of this wardrobe is shorts and pants boyfriends.

How to use the boyish look

I know that many women may be twisting the nose for this sort of look and can find it very unladylike. Doesn’t mean you have to forget the heels and blouses of income, but the boyish look can add, in addition to comfort, style and show a strong personality. Is mixture of male and female parts that win major highlight here.

Meet the best of tomboy style.

How to Use the Boyish Look 1


These pieces are no longer part only of the male wardrobe. The races are long and wide, t-shirts with a big opening in the dug arms. A good way to balance the look is to use a bottom more fair as a leather pants or a short jeans. To have a more formal look you can add a blazer and a sneaker or jump in feet.


These, too, for a long time, already part of the look of the chicks. They are excellent to complement the look and give a touch more, especially if you opt for a more sober and want to give a “tchan” with a color more alive or with details. They are ideal for use with most fair parts on the bottom and wider blouses with noble fabrics.


That here you will find several in the wardrobe of your beloved. There’s not a man on Earth who doesn’t have at least a piece of it. They can be of different fabrics such as jeans, for example, leaving the more relaxed look. You will follow the same advice for races: fair parts on the underside as skinny pants, pencil skirt and leggings.

How to Use the Boyish Look 2


Also are a constant presence in visual female. He can leave any visual stripped ready for a more formal occasion. Can be worn with dresses, pants and fall very well with a nice jump. It is ideal for women who leave the work and then need to go to College, for example.

Oxford Shoes

This kind of shoe is extremely traditional when it comes to the male universe, but is still not seen as a desired model by women. The classic model is all closed and features laces. But don’t worry because there are beautiful models tailored for women. When using this shoe is not necessary to add any more male piece look to enter the boyish style.

Tailoring trousers

Used by women since many years when they started joining the labour market, and for that they need to be more like a man to show that they are real professionals. She has a high hook and a visually larger modeling. Is great for more formal and looks to maintain visual balance bet a stiletto and a fairer blouse.

How to Use the Boyish Look 3