How to Use the Boho Style

Fashion is different for each of us. Not everything that is fashion works and it’s no use insisting. People who have spent by the situation of wanting to look more stylish, using a piece that doesn’t like it and was hiding everywhere know well what we’re talking about.

Each one knows what the style fits more in the profile. Therefore, the best we can do is to look for pieces that identify ourselves in them. There are several types of styles scattered around and now talk about Boho. One way to wear more relaxed mixing pieces hippies, vintages, Gypsies and others.

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Main features of the Boho style

This style is very striking and when you see a for sure know that that person has the Boho style of being your biggest highlights are:

  • embroidery;
  • ethnic prints;
  • lighter tissues and fluids that sway with the wind;
  • wider clothes and rounds;
  • accessories with stones and fringe;

How to Use the Boho Style 1

How to put the Boho style in my look

You don’t have to dress in full with the style for which he is characterised as such. Just one piece or accessories make it for you. A good way to use the Boho style and practicality is wearing a dress, which can be long or short. They are more rotated, with loose or craft materials such as knitting or crocheting.

The long skirt is another darling of this style. Is a wonderful choice to replace the jeans and it can also be used on cold days if you do not have openings. The short skirts are great for summer and are stamped and rounds, with lightweight fabrics. The leather skirt is also a great protagonist of the Boho style.

Kimono entered the wave recently and are great for this style. Value, and the most basic looks, especially those printed with vibrant colors. They can also be made of crochet or knitting giving a vintage look to look. The ideal is to be used on top of fairer blouses.

Want to hide that “muffin top” that always left when you use some shorts or a skirt? Well, the gowns are the best allies for that. They are soltinhas and ethnic prints and models made by hand are ideal for blow in the Boho style. Also look great in the summer with shorts or denim skirt.

How to Use the Boho Style 2

For those who like to embed the style going also to work with him, the flare pants are essential to have in the wardrobe. You can have a single color with embossed patterns or even the colorful if allowed pieces of more vibrant colors in the work environment. They are very stylish and are accompanied by a beautiful high heels.

What else can compose the Boho style

As you can see, this look is very eclectic and it is possible to obtain a wide range of looks. Other parts that can be present are the accessories. Bags and boots fringed suede are perfect. Maxi silver materials or necklace with turquoise stones or dark are also essential. Earrings and bracelets in the same style can also compose well the look.

How to Use the Boho Style 3