How to Use the 20 to 50 Years Bermuda

The shorts back in 2017. Want to know how to use this piece without error and so sophisticated? Check out tips for all ages!

With the bermuda has no middle ground, you either love or hate. If for you, she is part of the team, darlings parts that matter will help you – a lot! -using the bermuda without making any fashion faux pas.

Despite being classical and old acquaintance, the shorts can bring some challenges. The reason? Your length longer ends up flattening the silhouette, especially for those who have thick legs. So, you can’t be too careful. The cut, the color and even the other pieces combined influence in the production of a look with bermuda.

How to Use the 20 to 50 Years Bermuda 1

Below, some tips for using the bermuda without error, whether you’re at 20, 30, 40 or 50 +! Let’s give it a try?

Wearing shorts to 20

Women in 20 years tend to be more drained. So, the bermuda jeans, that usually creates a little more volume, can be indicated. The model Frida Gustavsson and the it-girl Aimee Song created looks with very similar forms jeans shorts: white top and low shoe. With sandals, shoes or sneakers, visual basic and gives out idea of comfort and relaxation. Bet on heavy and colorful accessories.

Betting on shorts to 30

How about using the bermuda to create a look more professional? In both this tailoring of actress Ashley Madekwe, and top dry with elongated model Jessica Badok shorts, the “Office look” gains a more youthful and modern, just like the 30 women deserve, but without taking the essence of professionalism and maturity. Combined with clutches, maxi vests and ankle strap sandals, the look is beautiful and full of style.

How to Use the 20 to 50 Years Bermuda 2

Abuse da bermuda aos 40

With the arrival of 40, the combo “shorts + high heels” is almost indispensable. In addition to elongate the silhouette and reducing measures, the shorts look Strip look more behaved, as traditional 40 women. The secret here is to combine it with coats, blazers and Accessories that get the obvious. Notice the look of actress Marion Cottillard. The pastel blue jacket gave life to a sober set of shorts and Basic white t-shirt, while asymmetrical clipping your left all the work more modern. Loved it!

Long live bermuda to 50 +

Do you think that after 50 only a fall right? Wrong! The bermuda is the perfect piece to leave older woman full of style without taking the essence of your age. The light tones and wide cuts, in addition to fall right in this age range, bring comfort, freshness and leaves look more relaxed. Take a look in the productions of actress Lilia Cabral and stylist Linda Fargo with Bermuda more larguinhas.

How to Use the 20 to 50 Years Bermuda 3

Since when, in the fashion world, the 50 are synonymous with apagadinhas choices and lifeless, huh?