How to Use Skirts nd Dresses in Winter

The cold came with everything, but that doesn’t mean you need to let your creativity down there in time to get dressed. To wear dresses and skirts, even in winter, here are some good ideas

Is a mistake to think that winter is synonymous with pants + jacket. This “uniform” that may be a classic, but nothing prevents you from taking their short skirts and dresses.

Give cold just thinking about leaving your legs? Calm down! Below I teach some ways to use skirts and dresses even more ice cream and keep always in fashion. Check out there!

How to Use Skirts nd Dresses in Winter 1

Black Stockings
Foolproof, the stockings are the perfect option for those who want to stay warm and still use and abuse of the pieces with shorter lengths. When the temperature is cooler, the stockings with 15 wire are released in more rigorous winter, recommend the 40 wire and up to 60.

Colored Stockings
Perfect to break the sobriety of winter looks, the colored stockings are a great option for those who want to unite comfort and fun to skirts and dresses. At first, they can even cause a strangeness, but with mini skirts or short dresses and ankle boots, looks great. You can trust!

Knee Socks

How to Use Skirts nd Dresses in Winter 2
Another option for winter look that I really like are the skirts and dresses with the socks 3/4 or 7/8, or those that go up to the knee or mid-thigh, respectively. The socks give a cool air to production and get even more modern if combined with a vestidão of yarn or wool or long coat.

In Addition to the Measures
Pieces of leather, jeans or oversized are beautiful with dresses and skirts, especially the long, all it takes is knowing combine. For example, a long dress with boots and trench coat looks great on colder days, while the long skirts with mid-cut boots and ponchos fall perfectly in a milder winter. All you need is keep an eye on the temperature.

Over The Knee
The boots over knee won the streets in 2015 and showed that came to stay. Absolute trend in winter 2016, they stay beautiful with short clothes and this winter can be used both with pantyhose, as with the legs out. Released for use with fair or more free dresses, miniskirts and even tailor shorts, they are warm and perfect for both clubs or movies.

How to Use Skirts nd Dresses in Winter 3

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