How to Use Overalls

The jumpsuit is a piece that still cause a lot of controversy among women, but depending on the model, the fabric, color and pattern, he is released to all. The best of this piece is for being single and so saves a lot of time in choosing the look of the day.

See models, inspirations and more tips on How to use the jumpsuit.

Difference between overalls and gardener

It is very easy to see someone talking about a play and actually be referring to another. It is normal that kind of trouble, but you have to know that there are differences between the pieces. You know those clothes typical of gardeners with handles, preachers and more open in the bust? Well, that’s the gardener.

Furthermore this type of play is typically made of denim or a thicker fabric. Already the suit covers the entire torso, has no handles and is made, usually with mesh or fabric.

How to Use Overalls 1

How to mount looks with overalls

During the day

Despite being a very used at night, the suit can be used peacefully during the day, whether for work or to make their appointments in the city centre. For work you can choose a template with no cleavage and wear a jacket with a color to create contrast between the pieces.

For the night

Go to some event like a graduation party, birthday or wedding? Overall looks really good. Choose models that conform to the occasion, the subject matter specialty stores are full of them. If you do not find, can use a more basic model and invest in good accessories in addition to a make that highlight how a red lipstick.

How to Use Overalls 2

Monkey for the day

As soon as we have the long and short dress, short skirt and long, we also have the short version of the overalls, known as monkey. They are excellent for a variety of occasions. The more flowers and free, with light colors are great for the day. Flats and sunglasses are perfect accessories.

Monkey for night

Here you can opt for models where the bottom becomes almost a skirt to who looks away. They are very free and leave the visual quite elegant. The little black dress always looks good on any occasion, so you can wear that shoe with Leopard print and a bag with pedrarias.

More tips for assembling your look

An accessory that looks great with the big ape or monkey are the belts. The trick here is not to choose one that create a great contrast of colors between the clothing and accessory. This can give the illusion that you are larger in the waist and hips.

How to Use Overalls 3

For short, it is best to choose a shoe that is the same color, or almost, the jumpsuit. Chubby women it takes extra care with this piece because it marks a lot and can leave your stomach even more prominent.

However, it doesn’t really matter the size of the stomach or hips, overall it’s a hard hit to the extent. He must have a perfect drape, mainly the softer fabrics, they can be a problem on windy days because they tend to draw all the curves of the body.