How to use Monkey, the Bet of the Summer 2017

Who loves a monkey? The play, which mimics a jumpsuit, but in shorter version, is the perfect option for those who want to keep the style, but without heat. Comfortable and well fresh, they are the sure bet for the hottest days and look good on every woman, no matter if you high, low, more plump, with broad hips. I just don’t like them too short if you spent the 40 years. I think unnecessary. Of course that’s my opinion. If you like, you play!

Another advantage of the monkey is that you don’t have to retire him at the bottom of the wardrobe with the arrival of winter. On the contrary: with tights, coats and overlaps, they also look great on colder days and still take the obvious.

Is your style more romantic or cool, basic or modern monkey allows a huge range of looks. Take a look below at my suggestions. More free fluid fabrics, combined with blazers, jackets and even shirts jeans, you will surely find an inspiration to build a very nice production.

How to use Monkey, the Bet of the Summer 2017 1

For Those Who Make the Delicate Line
If you follow the romantic style and want to include the monkey from your closet, look for models with lightweight fabrics and printed, preferably with flowers and poás. If you choose the monkey for a event is at night, use the play with and heel Sandals heel shoes, preferably in nudes and caramel tones. During the day, you can bet on sneakers and flats. How about break the delicacy’s look with shoes a little more masculine as the sneakers and moccasins? Looks great and super stylish!

For Ladies Cool
They still haven’t come up with better way to leave a look stripped than combining it with sneakers or boots, including monkey. And if the shoe is more heavy, look for a monkey in lightweight fabrics, with light colours and delicate prints, so you balance well the look without shocking enough.

Elegance As Far As
Have an event more chic? Go monkey! If the party’s at night, most noble fabrics like silk and linen and even embroidery models or income fall very well, especially if combined with glamorous accessories and full of personality.

Cheerful Colors for Warmer Weather
You want to give that up in visual? So bet on Monkey stamped with strong, vibrant colours. You just have to take care because some prints may pass the impression of larger silhouette. Choose models that follow the lines of your body and in deep necklines, which have the power to elongate the torso. Mark the waist with a belt also helps reduce measures.

How to use Monkey, the Bet of the Summer 2017 2

For Someone Who Loves An Income
For the more romantic, as for who loves the footprint more hippie, the rent in monkey Rejuvenates the look and give grace to production, without the slightest effort. Now, just choose modern accessories like purses with fringe and, at his feet, little boots snub or paws.

To Break the Power of Black
Chose a black monkey to your call? Break the seriousness of the look with more casual pieces such as bomberjackets, patches and even animal print. In Accessories, enough gold or colored and feet … whatever you want! The good of black is that any choice is released!

New Life to the Good Old Jeans
For those who have freedom to work without that more traditional dress code, the monkey jeans can be a good option. In the cinema, at happy hour, on Sunday lunch … the monkey jeans is that wildcard that you should not give up. With shoes more like short sapatinhas and flats, this piece is perfect even for those who are traveling and spends all day outside. A tip to give more personality to look: striking accessories, such as hats and scarves. Beautiful, beautiful!

How to use Monkey, the Bet of the Summer 2017 3

And When Winter Comes.
The butterflies arrive? Combine your monkey with pantyhose. Classic black or colored, this pair nicely with jackets, shirts, cardigans, waistcoats… everything will depend on your style. Feet, boots (such as over the knee) and closed shoes. Creative and super modern look.

To See and Be Inspired
Want more? Check out 12 pictures of monkey and mount have the perfect look for you!

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