How to Use Leather Pants

Perfect for the colder days, the leather pants, in addition to beautiful and super versatile compulsory piece this winter

I’m suspect to talk about leather pants … as you can see in the photos I’m in love with them! When placed with a silk shirt is very chic, in my opinion. Leather, as well as elegant, it’s warm and looks good on any occasion. Can be used with shoes during the day, or with heel shoes and boots for a more formal event, this model of pants – whether real or eco-leather-stretches the silhouette defines the curves and leaves you full of style.

It’s been a long time that some celebrities have joined to form pants. The actress Thaila Ayala, for example, likes it so much that I’ve paraded around with three models of different leather pants. And, of course, rocked in all!

Leather pants for all
But will the leather pants is for all? Yes, you just need to choose the model that best fits to your body type. Skinny women not only can, as should use skinnyleather pants. Now, who’s short and wants to lengthen the silhouette or disguise thick thighs and wide hips, you should opt for the flare.

If your problem is little butt, I recommend a pair of more Loosey-Goosey, as the hammer in leather. They are stylish and create a larger volume in the glutes and hips.

How to Use Leather Pants 1

Oh, and attention to this fashion tip: the more color or satin, but the leather tends to increase measures. Therefore, if you are a little overweight, I recommend staying in the black or Navy Blue.

Learn how to use already this trend
The leather is beautiful at any time of the day. The leather, let alone the look more feminine and combined with a heavier coat can create an interesting combination.

I personally really like leather pants with boots. The skinnies, incidentally, if placed inside of boots or midi, in addition to fine-tune measures, are the look right for those looking for style and comfort.

How to Use Leather Pants 2

And it is a mistake to think that you can’t use the leather pants at work. Who works in a more informal environment, can combine the piece with medium and thick heels or sneakers and jackets more justinhos and aligned, like blazers. And if the idea is to mend a happy hour or ballad then let the shoe in the Office and if play in high heels. Glitz and glamour in the right measure.

If the leather is skinny suits: wider, long sweaters jackets, shirts, croppeds, blazers and t-shirts.

If the leather is flare matches: silk shirts, tank tops, vests, jackets and cardigans.

For inspiration
Need more ideas to make your look with leather pants? Take a look at these other pictures that separated as inspiration!

How to Use Leather Pants 3

Where to buy
Many stores have models of beautiful leather pants, just panning. The options range from Riachuelo, Renner and C & A, to the most expensive, like Zara, Le Lis Blanc, Marcia Melo, Animale, Bo.bô and Pop Up Store.