How to Use Jacket Jeans

In this chilly winter’s nothing better than being fashionable and well wrapped up. Well, in addition to the gloves, scarves, scarves, tights, we also have the jacket jeans that never comes out of the closet and can be used on various occasions. Serves for the day or the night, can be customized to be with your personality and can be used with almost all the looks.

At the height of the waist

This is the kind of jacket that you can buy without fear if you are in doubt of the model. She is well adjusted to the body and is very feminine, marking the waist and giving a modern look. You can use with any size skirts, dresses and even with another piece jeans. Time to make a mix with another piece jeans don’t go in blouses, after all, you already have jeans on top.

How to Use Jacket Jeans 1

You can wear a pair of pants, or shorts with tights underneath because of the cold. The only rule in this case is that the parts are of different colors.

The best style 90 years

To give it a more vintage to look you can choose a wide and long jacket. This model was successful in the years 90. To compose the visual you can bet on big boots, high-top sneakers, hats and caps. To break a little the style shunned giving a feminine touch, the jacket can be used with skirt, dress and feet can be a sneaker or nice heels.

Colored jackets

How to Use Jacket Jeans 2

Not much time for summer but, to get the heat to melt the brains will still make a chilly. The colored jackets are also great for cold days and sunny days. This type of clothing is great for breaking the visual closed color that are heavily used in winter. You can place a plain shirt of another color or a pattern with more sober colors like black and white.


The great cheap clothes jeans tissue is the ease that we have to customize the pieces to leave them with us. This is an excellent way to buy a piece on sale and not go through the sad position of having someone with a equal to your clothes. You can wear spikes, skulls, shred and even change the sleeves jeans for another fabric like leather, that looks really good in this case. Release your imagination.

How to Use Jacket Jeans 3