How to Use Floral Print

Large, small, on rent … learn how to use the floral print, a trend that comes with everything in the hottest season of 2017

Already gave notice that I have a crush on floral print, right? Be in shirts, long skirts or dresses, I think the flowers give lightness and femininity into visual, without making too much effort. I’m a fan!

Accompanying the main international fashion week (New York, London, Milan and Paris) during the entire month of September, it was not hard to realize that in 2017 the floral print will continue with everything, especially in the summer.

But I wonder if it can be used without any tricks or moderation? To rock with the floral print without error you need to pay special attention to some details. Spy!

Floral print on t-shirts, shirts, blazers and jackets: the color and pattern will depend on much of your style, the only detail to be vigilant here is with the size of the flowers. If you want more or short, stay away from prints with large flowers, since they increase measures and flatten the trunk.

Floral print ruffled us: short women should use prints with small flowers. Already the flowers girls and medium balance shapes of fat. If used on the skirts and dresses, the floral ruffles give the impression of narrower hips.

How to Use Floral Print 1

Floral print pants: the more fluffy the cut, the easier it will be to adapt the pattern of flowers to your body type, now, if you are dry, you can use the skinny pants floral without restrictions. If you are overweight, look for pants (or jumpsuits!) darker, preferably with drawings.

Floral print and lace: the double flowers and lace can not only, as you may be used by any woman. She disguises measures and values its strengths. You bet without fear!

Floral print ruffle fabric: increases pleat sizes, no matter the region in which it is used. Who’s got broad shoulders or a lot of bosom, you can bet on pleated mini skirts to balance the measures. Bet on the contrary if you have little hip or small breasts. There, the pleated floral shirt and a pair of jeans dry (or slacks, shorts, pencil skirt …) is the best option.

Floral print on transparencies: in blouses and dresses with transparencies, floral print has the power to let the larger breasts. If the intention is the silhouette, choose a transparency with dark background, regardless of the position of the flowers.

Floral print in shorts: the rule is simple, the more skinny, the greater must be the design of the flowers. It’s more chubby? So look for small flowers and that not very destoem of the background color of the skirt-the same goes for the tip skirts minis, midi or long.

How to Use Floral Print 2

Buying pieces with floral print without error.
Will join the trend? So be aware of these tips when choosing a floral piece to your call:

– For attention of course, choice pieces in neutral colors in time to compose your look.

– Do not overdo the accessories. Always earrings, necklaces and rings small and delicate.

– Like dare? You can combine the floral print with vivid colors, especially at night. How about making a mix of prints? Flowers are beautiful when used with stripes, they only need to be of similar proportions and in similar colors.

– Choose neutral shoes to match your look. Remember: the floral print should be the highlight of your production.

– The floral print on a black background are more discreet and can be used not only in formal events, but also at work. Use without fear.

How to Use Floral Print 3

– Large flowers should be used in areas that you want to increase the proportions, such as hips or breasts.

Annotated tips?