How to Use Flare Pants Without Error

Beautiful, stylish and perfect for those who want to lengthen the silhouette, the pants flare is wildcard to any time of day

The flare pants became popular there in the years 70 and since then never came out of the closet of the fashionistas – and mine too! Fairest at the hip and thighs, it’s easy to identify it in the shops, as it is usually well wider from the knees, creating the famous “mouth of Bell”.

Another advantage that I love in this piece is that the flare pants is very democratic and value any type of body, being perfect for fat women and even more casualties. The reason? She harmonizes the silhouette of someone who has broad hips and balances the shapes who have bigger shoulders.

In need of a flare to call your pants? Then check out already my tips below to buy your without error.

How to use flare pants
Elegant and feminine, the flare pants can be used in different ways, at any time of the day, how about combine it with a tank top and a maxicolar for a more casual event? Or bet on flare pants for an important meeting at work? With shirt looks beautiful!

Just watch out for the length of the bar. In fact, when it comes to jeans flare, this is my most important Tip: she can not drag on the ground, but also can not show too much the shoe. Ideally, the length stay aligned to the jump, preferably medium.

How to Use Flare Pants Without Error 1

Social work flare pants
If your intention is to use this type of pants to work, my suggestion is to combine the tailoring pants with Classic shirts, as the lace collar. So, you get a more formal look, without losing the style and femininity. Remember that if your pants have flare high waist, the shirt must be getting inside, well groomed.

Pants flare jeans for the weekend
If at the time of purchase, you opt for pants flare jeans, keep in mind that with it you will create looks more relaxed, so maybe it’s best to use it in a happy hour with friends, or on the weekend with her boyfriend.

To create a look well stripped, my tip is to hold only the front of the shirt or tank top in your pants, leaving the back loose. This trick helps to hide the belly or the big butt. Good, right? And when hitting that breeze cooler, how about play a blazer over it? Just pay attention to the length. It should end at the height of the hip and be well outlined.

With a fun t-shirt and a maxicolar, do you still ride a super coolproduction, which is even more beautiful if you play a maxi vest on top. The secret is to assemble different looks according to your style. You can trust: the flare pants, especially jeans, gives you plenty of freedom to assemble different productions using the same piece.

Printed flare for personality
To keep the look, the best is always combine your flare pants emblazoned with a top one of the color prints. There, no mistake! And the darker the color of the shirt, the better, so you just draws attention to an area of the body.

Leather flare, from summer to winter
Flare Leather Pants is my passion. Can be used both during the day as night, she becomes beautiful if combined with denim, silk shirt, with blazers, sweaters … the options are endless! With a good print animal print so is super modern. In winter, invest in doubles: flare leather pants + knitting or flare pants + vest! You stay warm, comfortable and stylish in the right measure.

How to Use Flare Pants Without Error 2

With that shoe?
When I say that you can use your pants flare at any time, is because it can. They look good with heels, flat shoes, sneakers, flats … The important thing, as I have said, is to take care that the bar is not a hindrance depending on the model of shoe they choose. Is in doubt? Remember that the bar has to always cover at least half of the jump. And how much thinner for the shoe, the more beautiful your visual is-and more distant the silhouette. OBA!

Choosing your flare without error
Heed these tips on the purchase to your pants flare:

– Women with wide hips should use a thicker heel and shirts and more soltinhas races, preferably to stay above the hip. The neckline, shoulder to shoulder, in V or even a maxicolar also help draw the attention of the region.

– Women with broad shoulders should let the entire volume of the look on the bar. To break the production weight, Choose recatas and t-shirts more drained, in addition to more delicate accessories like long necklaces, that take the attention of look down. A thick belt is also a wonderful choice to highlight just the area of the hip.

– Women casualties need to be careful since this model can flatten even more the silhouette. So, bet on good old high heels and shoes in a tom appeared with the pants, so you get the impression of having a few centimetres.

How to Use Flare Pants Without Error 3

And then, what do you think of this model of pants?