How to Use Flare Jeans

The flare jeans are back, with a taste for the 70s! Inspired by the pants the flared, come to us with a more sleek and modern. Unlike the old model, the flare jeans are just to the knee and open more evenly, giving a touch of elegance to anyone who uses them.

Trend: Flare Jeans

The biggest advantage of this style of pants is favoring any body structure, including more women chockedfull. Cutting and waist (normally more ramp) lengthen the legs, offering a more slender body. In addition to comfortable, the flare jeans are extremely versatile and can be used anytime and anywhere. To rock at the Office, at a business meeting or a party with friends, you just have to hit the composition’s look. The flare model may well be their perfect jeans!

How to Use Flare Jeans 1

How and When to Use Flare Jeans

As has been said, the flare jeans come with all styles, respecting and appreciating the charm of any woman.  

Festivals and events: Shine in any event with the flare jeans. Choose blouses or tops delicate, with a good fabric (silk is always a good choice) and play with transparencies. For an even more elegant look, put the shirt in his pants and choose a belt that enhances the bends from the waist. If you’re cold, don’t hesitate to wear a blazer or jacket, to stay with a still more distinguished air.

At work: To go work should bet on a more refined and professional look. Use and abuse of the flare jeans models in his Office, opting for the darker washes being more sober and elegant. May be accompanied by a shirt or cotton sweater or with modern standards, which can combine with a Cardigan or a structured blazer.

How to Use Flare Jeans 2

Flare Jeans for Every Type of Woman 

Fatties: For a woman more fatty, the indicated is to choose a model with a more waist rise, because, in addition to support better the tummy, stretches the silhouette, making it thinner. Must match the flare jeans with a neckline blouse in beak, in order to draw attention to the chest, the belly and hip.

Skinny: skinny women tend to have very small or flat butt. However, with this model, is very simple to disguise this problem. The trick is to use flare jeans with back pockets, in order to increase visually the glutes. Can also be used with baggy t-shirts which, when placed on the inside of the jeans, create a sense of volume.

Short: short women should avoid using flare jeans with wide mouth, since this model won’t benefit in terms of time. The ideal choice goes through jeans waisted flare, to open more kind, covering the foot.

The Secret is in the Shoes!

If you have a special passion for heels (that which is common to most women) then you’re in luck! The flare jeans are simply perfect with heels. Stiletto heel, robust, platform …

How to Use Flare Jeans 3

Any one of these options is not valid. Should only have attention to some details, for example, the pants must cover the foot entirely, but should never drag on the floor. Is another tip: let the hem of the jeans flare to a centimeter off the ground. Follow these tips to work with your new look! Never forget to do various experiments at home to achieve better results and reuse those parts that are lost in the closet.