How to Use Denim Shirt

The jeans were always very present in the lives of women. Is a practical tissue, that shapes the body, has several models and colours, combines with almost everything and is an excellent option for those who are in a hurry and don’t have a lot of patience to choose a look more diverse. We have shorts, pants, skirts of all sizes and the trend of this year were the sweaters jeans. They are very charming and there are various ways to combine them.

Various combinations of jeans

Lots of people have doubt whether you can wear jeans with denim. You can use Yes and is very modern. It is best to use with different tones or washes, such as a short with tears or even with a pencil skirt.

How to Use Denim Shirt 1

The denim shirt is ideal for breaking the romantic mood turning visual in something more casual. Use it with an animal print skirt, floral, rendered or even a shot is very good.

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Jeans over another piece

The denim shirt can easily be placed over another piece like a dress or a shirt open like a jacket. You can also use some accessories to enhance the look, a good example for this are the belts. Any color or with any width, they look great with a denim shirt.

Different way of using the jeans

How to Use Denim Shirt 2

Inside or outside? This is a question that comes to mind of a lot of people at the time to use a wider shirt with button. If you want to use inside, be sure to make her a little more loose and that, when raising the arms, the shirt isn’t going to jump out and make your tummy appear. Another very charming to use the denim shirt is doing a little knot at the bottom. There are a few blouses that already have two longer ends right after the career of buttons that are made to it.

Models of jeans pants

Of course, could not miss the option with pants. In addition to being able to wear with jeans with washings and varied hues, also looks great with patterned pants. For those who already want to go getting ready for summer, this look is ideal to go out day or night. Here, the shoe will make all the difference: during the day trip or sneaker and at night a powerful leap that will pan out.

How to Use Denim Shirt 3