How to Use: Colored or Metallic Pleated Skirt

Metalized or colored, pleated skirt appears in looks the most different styles: whether it’s a footprint more rocker, or totally delicate and feminine

You’ve probably seen in fashion editorials, or even the streets, looks beautiful as centerpiece the pleated skirt. I fell in love with them! This skirt style accordion came out back in a Prada show, and since then new versions took the wardrobe of the fashionistas, including metallized.

Delicate and very feminine, pleated skirt is beautiful, but will it? Not always! Its light and tissue fluid is beautiful when combined, mostly, with heavier tops or t-shirts fun.

Combination options with pleated skirt, in fact, walk by the most different styles. Whether you are a sporty woman- you don’t give up a day-by-day with a comfortable pair of sneakers -or more fashion, that adventure with a stiletto heel in the morning, the pleated skirt, short or long, is perfect for you. Spy all these looks to inspire you!

Pleated Skirt: with What Color Am I?
The pleated skirt fell into the graces of the it-girls, including in colored versions. Each color, however, enlists the help of different parts and are suitable for use at different times of the day, our guide below will help you use each of them.

Blue Pleated Skirt
Great option for those who are more discreet since your function is to replace the jeans and create a look more neutral. If combined with denim jacket, you can get a fake look “total denim”, light and full of personality. I love!

How to Use Colored or Metallic Pleated Skirt 1

White Pleated Skirt
Despite the white be the basics, the pleated skirt that turns when combined with shirts, making the cool and modern production. This color is perfect for those who like to work with a lot of style, without losing the professional air.

Black Pleated Skirt
Wildcard, you can match practically everything. Whether it’s tennis, cropped, social shirt, jacket or leather pumps black pleated skirt is released for both for the day-to-day, as for more formal events. She is the first you have to have in the wardrobe. If the texture is metallic, even better!

Pleated Skirt Pink
That makes the most romantic line, not only can, as should bet on pink pleated skirt. Regardless of the tone of pink, they are beautiful with sweaters, sweatshirts and tops in earthy tones and sneakers. Will give an after party for the happy hour, just change the flat by a beautiful high heels and you get a whole new look.

Green Pleated Skirt
The wildest need a green pleated skirt for your call. A good idea is to combine the skirt with military-style pieces, whether in maxi vestsor jackets. Hit a chilly? Balance production with sweaters in light shades of white and cream. Ankle boots and over the knee must cast off the visual.

Red pleated skirt
There’s no way, red is a color that sexy sexiest footprint if fortifies with pleated skirt. So, my advice is leave to use it in more formal events, especially long skirts. How about using the piece for a birthday dinner, or even graduations and weddings? You will attract attention in the right measure, especially if you combine production with Golden accessories. Looks great!

Attention to the Styles

The pleated skirt appears in different versions, for every body type: midi, long, leather, high waist … check out which one is perfect for you!

High-waisted pleated skirt
This model of skirt is perfect for those who want to fine tune the waist and reducing measures. The style gets more classic and traditional. I like it a lot! My suggestion is to combine it with t-shirt and maxi paste If you want to break the air serious look, or superimpose a leather jacket if you choose the pleated skirt for a night out.

Pleated leather skirt
They are new because they run, without losing the women’s ruffle style. Whatever the length, my suggestion is to combine them with ankle boots and t-shirts. How about play in the animal print? Pleated leather skirt is perfect for make up a safari look. For older women, just change the Bootie by heel and close to production with a light jacket on top.

Long pleated skirt
Who likes to use fashion to earn a few centimetres in height, long pleated skirt is a good thing. With classic shirts, ruffles and lace, you can get a modern look and still look taller without making much effort.

How to Use Colored or Metallic Pleated Skirt 2

Pleated skirt midi
This length of skirt is the must-have of the season. For those who like to show he has plenty of style, a fashion trick is to match the pleated skirt with long cardigans , sneakers or sandals, he says. I love!

Pleated skirt with tennis
The looks with tennis here to stay! I really like the effect that pleated skirt gives the production combined with a “total white”. With a t-shirt, leather jacket or coats oversized, you pass a playful air, modern, cool and totally cool. Not to mention the comfort, right?

Pleated skirt for plus size
Who said that the more fat you can’t use this template in a skirt? Using dark colors on the bottom, such as black, Navy, Brown and graphite, you play this trend, creates the elongated the silhouette effect and it’s still the impression of smaller hips.

And the Metallic?
They are nothing new, but already has a lot of people dying of love for them. For being a micro trend, my suggestion is to look for this model in fast fashionnetworks, such as Zara, Renner, Luigi Bertolli … so you spend little and ensures the same effect of a piece from luxury brands.

And there, OK? Which of these models do you like more?

How to Use Colored or Metallic Pleated Skirt 3