How to Use Collegiate Men’s Jacket?

The varsity jackets, the famous high school jacket, are very successful among young Americans for many years and came to Brazil recently and won the popularity of the men easily. He was so famous that it is almost impossible to see a man who has not a single model in your wardrobe.

The success of this type of clothing is simple. As well as the famous sweatshirts, collegiate jackets combine easily with different looks. Basic pants and shoes fall very well with the varsity jackets for men.

How to use jacket high school?

How to Use Collegiate Men's Jacket 1

The influence of American sports was decisive in fashion fall/winter 2014, so the collegiate jackets won more space between the men around here. During the spring, the season that the temperature fluctuates, have a varsity jacket at your hands is a very basic tip.

These coats are comfortable and beautiful. They combine very well with t-shirts and shirts, pants and shorts. So the jacket high school became a compulsory piece in the closet.

Let’s do some models to inspire you to use the varsity jackets?

For starters, a visual high school jacket with pretty basic. A jacket closed, with chess with collar and pants.

More a more basic, but with a high school blouse that fits well with various styles of clothes.

How to Use Collegiate Men's Jacket 2

An image that shows how you can create several different visuals using the varsity jackets, between vintage and elegant.And who do you think the collegiate sweaters are too informal, look at this classic look using a varsity jacket.The collegiate sweaters are also used in more Visual. They fall very well over shirt jeans and combine with the men’s boots.Another example of how the collegiate jackets look good with shirts, look at this example with floral shirt like it was great.

Where to buy high school jacket?

As we have said before, the collegiate jackets, both men, as women are being very successful in Brazil and already can be found in several brands or department stores.

The Coriander Male blog did, recently, an article that talks about where to buy collegiate jackets. It’s worth taking a look!

How to Use Collegiate Men's Jacket 3

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