How to Use Clutch Bag



First female passion, shoes. Second female passion, handbags! No wonder this statistic, since buying a purse always is on the purchase of a shoe. Yes, women only need this excuse to buy a new bag… the shoe is new!

The truth is that we need to always have a bag that matches the shoe that we use, so it’s natural for all grants

How to Use Clutch Bag

terms sizes, colors and models, and preferably, that has a reasonable label.

As well as the shoes are an extension of the legs, the bags are extension of the arm, that in the case of purse clutch, which is a handbag, which until a few years ago it was only used for very exquisite events. As the bag was loaded in the hands, nothing more natural she stand out in the composition of the look.

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The clutch bag was created in the 30 and your design is always on the French label Hèrmes, which was founded by Émile-Maurice in 1837, producing harness for horses, but over time began producing luxury items such as silk ties, of brazilian origin, but the Fort of the company have always been leather products.

The creations of Émile-Maurice, born usually your wife needs and therefore, should portray the needs of all other women. The use of gloves was very common and, of course, the lipstick was also something that women don’t open hand.

On this demand, was created a small pouch, which would become a third item essential to every woman attending high society parties. And there, in that little purse, women began to carry your lipstick and your gloves.

Since your creation to the present day, the clutch purse, is still an accessory that every woman has. However, the contrary of some decades ago, when they were used only to some important occasions, today, your usage is much more democratic.


There are some basic rules for the use of this small, even though in the present day.

The clutch bag is perfect for the hands, so should not be used under his arm.

With a huge variety of designs, sizes, materials used, be careful when you use it, otherwise, she ceases to be a charming accessory, to turn into something bizarre.

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Keep in mind that the bag clutch no good to load everything you take in your everyday handbag day. It’s horrible of a bag stuffed.

Paying attention to these small details, what’s annoying is that you cannot let go, that is, practically all the time with her hands. If you’re not used to using it, don’t buy the first one you find beautiful. Check whether the model meets your needs. How to:

  • The template needs to be according to the places that you frequent
  • She needs to be in accordance with your clothes
  • She needs to meet your needs. In it you will load the necessary even, the lipstick, the cell, document, keys.
  • If you are already familiar with the use of the clutch, and makes use of it so stripped or for elegant events, the ideal is to have at least two.
  • When all of your creation, the clutch was used only by the night, today you are free to use it during the day.

There are so many models that you need to be in tune with the type of material that is on the rise, the trends for next season, and has the basic for day and night when it comes out for a ballad and another for social events.

If you can’t have multiple or not requires several, opt for neutral color, like black, for example and for the day, have some models that are wild, because combine with almost any look, like the floral, wicker, metal, plastic, make the right choice. Let the most stylish night programs.


In any department store you can find the clutch handbags in various models, colors, textures, at various prices. The animal has some gorgeous models, however, are expensive.

It’s worth taking a peek at our online store at There is a wide variety of clutch bags. Don’t buy a high value if you are not sure that the acquisition is worth. Start slowly, as you will need training.

A tip that is golden: just use what you are sure to make her comfortable. In the same way that it’s not nice to leave with a short skirt that you need to keep pulling down, not knowing what to do with the stock market, changing hands at all times also is not pretty. First your comfort and well-being, otherwise, make ugly with something people will notice that you are using for the first time.

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