How to Use Clochard

The clochard pants was fashion in years 80 and now returned with everything. Learn how to bring this trend already elegant and feminine once again for your wardrobe

There remains some doubt that the 80 years came back with everything? After I remove the mom jeans from the closet, now is the time to rescue the clochard pants out of the closet. Remember her?

How to Use Clochard 1

The pants clochard, meaning “beggar” in English and is very reminiscent of the style of pants worn by them 30 years ago, it was success when first appeared in the Paris fashion week and in 2017, will be here to stay.

Identify the clochard pants is simple. She is much like the carrot pants (trousers in “carrot” – put on your hips and more justinhas in the legs), but call attention primarily by the high waist, shorter in length and almost always with the bar turned, leaving a little of the ankles. And the best: by being more larguinha in the belly, it’s easy to hide those love handles more than both. What makes this a versatile piece pants model and perfect to be used by any woman, of the most the most low fat. Good, right?

How to Use Clochard 2

A detail of the clochard pants that let the play even more chic are the moorings at the waist. Typically, they contain a waistband, in the same color and fabric that the rest of the pants, to give you a loop on the side and let your look even more feminine. With a shirt more loosey-goosey and a pumps up high you get a sleek in the right measure, including to work.

And if you make the line more street style, you can combine your clochard pants with a moccasin or sneaker and t-shirt without fear. Is super nifty!

I separated some looks with clochard pants for you to spy on and be inspired. Take a look!

Hey, do you think that today the clochard pants take or not take?

How to Use Clochard 3