How to Use Black And White

Learn how to give a new face to the black and white classic combination and that never goes out of style!

Fashion reinvents itself each season. What today’s trend, tomorrow is no longer so, gives a relief to know that some pieces, colors and combinations are classic and never come out of the walkways, huh? So, our chances to make mistakes and commit a fashion faux pas are almost zero.

The black and white combination is part of this team. Registered trademark of fashion designer Coco Chanel, the duo is synonymous with tradition and originality. Because it is timeless, the black and white mix exceeds any trend sets. Ever notice how he is always present in the collections of the greatest designers, no matter the year or season?

How to Use Black And White 1

Two Colors, 1000 Ways to Use
To innovate, the trick is to merge the black and white in different fabrics, patterns, models, shapes and prints. You can combine, for example, a black leather pants with a white silk shirt. Or a striped skirt with floral bomber jacket, all in black and white. The important thing is always prominently the areas of the body that you like to call attention.

In fact, an important tip is to always use the white areas that you want to highlight and black where prefers disguise. If you have big hips, for example, bet on a black shorts and leave the white for tops, jackets and t-shirts. Who already have big breasts, can use a black shirt and let the white to highlight the curves of the waist and hips.

Learning to Combine Black and White
It doesn’t matter if your style is more sporty, casual or modern. A few styling tricks give a touch of personality to look black and white. Whether in combination of prints, or in colorful accessories, learn how to use the black and white with style.

Abuse of the Pictures
To leave your black and white look more modern and relaxed, bet on patterned sets in on the combination of parts in different prints, creating an optical game combining stripes and graphics of different sizes. For the more discreet, bet on just one piece stamped, preferably to the body area you prefer highlight!

How to Use Black And White 2

Trend in Blocks
Not to miss, do the black and white mixing pieces plateaus. Give preference to black at the bottom. So you disguise your hips, hips and thighs. Who opt for white on the underside, it must keep attention with the lining piece. After all, exaggerated transparency can put an end to your look.

In Stripes
Thin and irregular stripes are up in 2016 and, horizontally, still have the power to lose weight. Perfect!

With Colorful Accessories
To end the seriousness of looks PB, a great balcony is to choose Accessories, bags and colorful shoes to compose the production. And there is no rule in choosing the third color of the look. May be pink, red, lime green … goes from your taste, humor and style!

For the Night
And it’s not just in casual looks that the black and white falls very well. This combination can not only, as it should be used in more formal event night. To make visual even more chic, bet on a killer makeup, with a colored lipstick or eye loaded. Looks great!

I love this mix. And you, what do you think?

How to Use Black And White 3