How to Use Belt Properly

For those who like a more clean look without a lot of prints and more discreet, the accessories are leading figures in the visual. The belt, which was once considered only for functional use, namely, when a suit was very loose, today he is considered to be in potential accessory.

They became close allies of women when it comes to mark the waist, leaving all more feminine. There are seatbelts for all tastes, after all are varying colors and materials, thin or wide belts, embossed with embroidered buckles in precious stones and others.

The main types of belt

When you go to buy a belt feel completely lost with so much choice? Know that each belt serves and as he drops better in look is a nice tool to know what to buy and how to buy. So, you rock the look and still save money.

Thin Belt: for those who are fans of lady like style, that is, rotated with waistlines marked this type of belt is perfect because it offers a more romantic and delicate piece of clothing. The thin belt is indicated for women who have the trunk straighter, no hip or waist curves.

Metal belt belt: if you don’t know what we’re talking about let me explain. This type of belt is the one most often used in parties, in golden color, mainly, completely smooth and that must be worn over the clothes. It is excellent for dinner, leaving the elegant and stylish look.

How to Use Belt Properly 1

Common Belt with buckle: here, the highlight is the buckle, so no playing the shirt over. He is a classic and great for use on pants short jeans or passers-by. This type of belt helps keep the look less stripped, being excellent to be used in less formal situations.

Leopard belt: as the name implies, the belt is whole with Jaguar print. The animal print is here to stay, especially in accessories. How is a type of pattern that draws enough attention, she gets very well when placed just accessories giving a visual upgrade.

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Wide Belt: to use this belt you need to take some care since, depending on your body, it can leave you with much bigger breasts or else look more plump. Therefore, if you are in doubt, avoid it.

How to mount looks with belts

Dress belt

This type of combination is quite romantic, especially if they are used more delicate belts. Here, you can fit a tube dress or evasĂȘ, however the much traveled and with frills don’t fit with belt let the volume of clothes.

With jeans

This look is a true classic. In this case, the belt with buckle featured or made larger are an excellent combination, especially if there is the contrast of the color of the belt with the color of the clothes. Just be careful with the other accessories. You will need to choose what you want to draw attention in combination.

How to Use Belt Properly 2

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Belt with skirt

The straps must be fully on display, so the ideal is to use a blouse that is completely inside of the skirt as the body. Here, you need to think a little if you want wide belt which may weigh a bit on visual. However, choosing one that has the same tone of clothes no problem.

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Belt with short

Want to give a boost in the casual look in shorts and t-shirt? Use a belt. Here, the buckle belts fit perfectly well as it is a composition of simple and basic parts. A warning: high-waisted shorts don’t usually look good with belts, so be careful.

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Cardigan with belt

The belt can be used both on the outside of the Cardigan. This tip goes for the blazer, but make sure you are in a cold day if you use the belt over. Can be an embarrassment to have to take the belt in the middle of the street because he can’t take it anymore.

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More tips on time to use your seat belt

For more skinny or with thinner waists care must be taken with the very wide belts because it can create a very nice visual, very body and leaving him odd. In this case, the medium-sized and thin belts are the most suitable.

How to Use Belt Properly 3

In the otherwise, the more fat also have to be careful with the use of very wide belt, mainly those of rubber band with buckle to fit in the middle. They tend to deform the body, by dividing the waist. The ideal is to use basic belts, so the buckle also are in the danger zone.

You can also bet on different types of moorings of belts, which can be made both with the fine as midfielders. The middle belt anchorage with the tip falling, for example, with the dress, it’s very nice, modern and feminine. Time to save, hang it and let the more stretched as possible.