How to Use Bandanas

Accessories are always welcome on the look and they give a visual upgrade. The bandana is an accessory that not everyone has the versatility to use and so end up getting in the back of a drawer. However, they are great to do different hairstyles and several famous use the bandana.

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It can be used in the most diverse ways. She can be not only tied to the hair, but also in the stock market and even on the arm as shown in the Carrie Bradshaw character in one of the episodes of the series Sex an the City. So, there we have a fairly eclectic accessory to use.

How to Use Bandanas 1

How to use bandanas

The bandana ends leaving the look pretty stripped and best suited to go out during the day with friends. Therefore, it is not indicated for use in the workplace, but it can also be relative. You can let your hair down, do a bun for hot days or leave the hair trapped in half.

Another very good hairstyle to make the bandana is the ponytail. It is ideal for those who like a more vintage style because remember well the age of 60 years and his Polka-dot dresses and skirts rounds. It is also ideal for summer days, especially on the beach.

How to Use Bandanas 2

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What type of hair?

It doesn’t matter if you have afro, curly, or smooth. Any one can use the bandana. However, it can be a problem for those who have flat wires because attachment can be falling. In this case, you can use the open and bandana with hair down or so, use a larger length and give more of a back in your head.

How to Use Bandanas 3