How to Use Accessories on the Beach

Summer is, without doubt, one of the times of the year that the Brazilians more like: it’s time to take a vacation, the end-of-year holidays and the Carnival. All of these events within excellent condensates to be by the sea enjoying sombra e agua fresca.

But it’s not because you’re on vacation you can overlook the appearance and visual. Besides, the beach has lots of fun and beautiful people and is the perfect time to get out of the closet that you don’t normally use in everyday life when you’re in your town. From now on, Let’s break it down…

Shoes, slippers, balls and whatever comes

As you can imagine, your pumps aren’t more shoe type used for parades by the sands of the beach. Other shoes and thin heels sandals are not welcome. But, take at least 1 high-heeled sandals, preferably with the jump wider, which combine more with the environment.

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How to Use Accessories on the Beach 1

Some shoes can not miss in your bag: flats and flip-flops. These two models are the perfect combination for those who want to spend their days on the coast comfortably and without stress. In this case, the ideal is to get templates to use during the day, most basic, and others for use with pedrarias and sparkles.

And the shoes? Well, if you don’t do one bit the adventurous type and prefers to stay lying sunbathing by the pool, you don’t need to occupy a good luggage space with this shoe. Otherwise, it’s always good to have a couple in the middle of the baggage, you never know when you might need one.

Bijoux and glasses

You can’t go to the beach, swimming pool, waterfall or even take a walk in the city, a Sun like this without sunglasses, is practically impossible. As we are in the summer, you can play around with the colors of the frames and lenses. For example, the mirrored types are at an all-time high.

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How to Use Accessories on the Beach 2

The same can talk about jewelry. The maxi and maxi Necklace Earring are still on the rise in this beginning of the year. The big earrings and bracelets mix and also of necklaces and rings can also be used. But stay tuned! On the Beach the look tends to be least Turkey, don’t go dressed as a Christmas tree, because the time has passed!

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Ta there a necessary accessory in any place, especially on the beach. You need to bring sunscreen, moisturizer, comb, after-Sun. items are almost infinite. Therefore, when you choose a bag for use with larger space prefer. To use at night, the purse bag or a shoulder strap more rustic stay perfect!


This accessory is a real charm and besides giving an upgrade on the look also helps to protect the face, one of the most sensitive areas of our body, the Sun assaults. It is best to wait to buy those that sell in the same Beach, which are much more affordable and ideal for the site.

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How to Use Accessories on the Beach 3