How to Transition to the Spring Wardrobe

The timing was pointed out, we set the clocks, the days are longer and the mother nature advertises itself in all your splendor. However, the arrival of spring is still characterized by uncertain days, now it’s hot, now it’s cold, sometimes it’s sunny, sometimes it’s rain … learn how to transition to the Spring wardrobe in style and comfort.

Overlays and more overlays. This is probably the best tip for uncertain temperatures of spring – if wear a shirt, a vest and a jacket; or a t-shirt, shirt and cardigan will be cautioned against the two types of scenarios, that is, if it’s cold, is protected; If you are hot, you can remove the garments necessary until you feel comfortable.

How to Transition to the Spring Wardrobe 1

Inaugure some spring parts. Of course I’ve bought some pieces perfect for the first warm rays of sunshine and can’t wait to use them and show … then go ahead! But without overdoing it (don’t want to ride a short sleeve or without socks if the time is not yet suitable for this!): If you purchased a beautiful short-sleeved tunic, view it on a long sleeve shirt or turtleneck; a colorful skirt can be dressed with a pantyhose, pumps or boots; a coat with sleeves .75 can be worn over a long sleeve or as overlap, don’t strip and fills the bare arms with bracelets espectaculares…as possibilities are more than many.

Vibrant Tones. One of the most effective ways to compose a look of Spring is betting on color-let go of the blacks and greys or combine them with whites, reds, yellows, oranges, violets and vibrant blue. The difference is immediate and a true breath of fresh air in your wardrobe.

Quick feet. Tired of boots, but it’s still too early to wear sandals? Fortunately there is a perfect intermediate: the peep-toes! Depending on how long that is, combine them with the same color, opaque stockings, or then with nothing to walk in the clouds (don’t forget the pedicure!). Add to your peep-toes, a pair of stylish pumps, those heels that rarely pants (are spectacular with some jeans, a shirt and blazer) and, for the days when you need to be more practical, some trendyshoes. Spring, from head to toe!

How to Transition to the Spring Wardrobe 2

Legs in sight. After months of cold, is in spring that more want to go back to reveal the legs-the skirts and dresses are more than welcome, just change the tights dark, for lighter versions and sexy.

Colorful accessories. One of the best ways to lend an air of spring to any look is with colorful Accessories: scarves and handkerchiefs (which are still excellent for heat!), stylish sunglasses , handbags, sparkling earrings, bracelets showy stacked, or delicious necklaces-all in keeping with the season to tones brighten the darker of the visuals.

Watch the trends. It is normal that, by this time, just think of the spring/summer trends, however, the good weather is just now starting and should not experience everything that is fashionable and at the same time every day. Rather than give in to fashion victim in you, go incorporating the various branches gradually, to see if they are really your style and, of course, not to get tired of all of them before the arrival of summer.

Face of the new station. Makeup is another key piece to ensure a perfect spring look -replace the shadows dark pastels or vibrant, and replace the lipstick red pale tones (nude, beige, pink), without forgetting the gloss, for a natural and radiant face.

How to Transition to the Spring Wardrobe 3