How to Set up a Look for Marriage

Not only of bridesmaids, bridesmaids and brides living a marriage. If you’ve been invited to one, you’re probably wondering which clothes go and worried about finding the suitable outfit. The problem is that you still have no idea what look is best suited for such an event.

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Classic wedding look

Don’t worry. Most women it is also with this doubt and that’s completely normal. If you do not want to risk making a mistake, I’ll pass a tip: be classic! This does not mean that only has black clothing to use (and have weddings the bride and groom leave it clear that cannot be look black).

There are thousands of colors, from the cooler to the hotter than can be used in an event like this without problems. An excellent option in this case are color Joker clothing as the nude, for example. Combining a color like this with a darker tone is hard to miss.

How to Set up a Look for Marriage 1

Wedding on the beach

This is a wonderful setting for marriage and if you’ve been invited to an event of type can be happy. You will not need to wear high heels and spend the night with aching feet, or wear dresses tight and a makeup very loads and full of details.

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A beach wedding is all very simple and Basic. Choose light clothes and to use lightweight fabrics, less full-bodied. They don’t need to be fair, only if you prefer. Here, you can spice up your look with lace fabrics or a soft glow. The make should also be light, without eyes marked or Lipstick color.

Marriage in the field

Despite being an outdoor ceremony, the wedding in the field calls for a more elegant clothes, more tissue worked and more full-bodied. You can use patterned clothing, but prefer the more discrete tones. The makeup may have a little more color and brightness and the heels must be present.

As for accessories, a which is fine for day weddings are the hats. In addition to give more elegance, they can protect the face from the heat and the harmful effects of the Sun’s rays, though the location is completely covered, he is an interesting and functional accessory.

How to Set up a Look for Marriage 2

Evening dresses

If the wedding for which you were invited tonight, how about the opportunity to use sparkles, sequins and a beautiful cleavage? And if you’re with that Tan will make the greatest success. Find a color that enhances the your skin tone. For example, for dark skin and black, the warm colours are perfect and are highlighted.

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Short dresses

Who do you think to just fit long gown is wrong. There are people who don’t like long dresses, period. In addition, there are short dresses that are extremely elegant and great for occasions like this. But don’t overdo it in the use of the word “short”. Marriage calls for elegance and sophistication. If you’re using a template that stays in the middle of the thighs, use templates and you don’t mark the loose body.

How to Set up a Look for Marriage 3

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