How to Mix Prints

Certainly, the mix of prints is one of the biggest doubts among women when it comes to fashion. Even the more tuned in the fashion world are with a flea behind the ear when you need to mix prints. The more timid prefer not to risk, but this way you can never invest in a different style.

Is there any rule to be followed or is only common sense? First of all you need to find out if the mix of prints match the style of your dress. Nothing to cool the sets if you don’t feel well with the clothes you wear. The mixture of prints looks good on you, and now, some tips that can ease and time to combine the pieces.

How to Mix Prints 1

Try to be homogeneous

Seems funny talking about uniformity when it comes to mixing prints, but this is a hint that you should take if you want to create a look with this aspect. In this case, the ideal is to attach parts which have similar prints, with similar designs. For example, geometric or floral prints both on top as on the bottom and also accessories, if they are the main point of the mix.

Learn how to mix florals the right way with these tips really big news!

How to Mix Prints 2

The colors

Try to match pieces that have similar colors. Need not be all, but at least 1 or 2 that show the parts that will come together. In the case of stripes with prints poĆ”, can also match if they are similar colors. Despite being quite bold, it may be worth betting on this visual.

Stay connected in the tissues and formats

Time to put on clothes emblazoned don’t forget that they create more visually speaking. So try searching always for parts that have a cut and more fluid fabrics not to further increase the volume it creates. As the parts of winter are of a thicker cloth, try mixing the prints with darker colors and neutral.

How to Mix Prints 3