How to Look Thinner with the Right Outfit

Be chubby or thin, at least once in their life most women certainly have felt the urge to dress up an outfit that left her thinner, either because he won a few extra pounds, because if you think fat Chick, are you feeling bloated, reason is what we need.

So today I bring you some valuable tips for you conquer a more lean using the right outfit, check out!

Waist marked

The waist is the thinnest part of the body, so nothing better than letting her in evidence for aparentarmos we’re leaner. If you have a straighter silhouette, do not stop using this tip, it’s worth the same way to you and in no event shall prefer blouses or wide dresses because they don’t they will help you in anything on the contrary.

This is one of the tips that I consider more valuable, if you’re not too or not at all happy with your body, start to use it. Use and abuse of belts, blouses or dresses that have marked waist.

How to Look Thinner with the Right Outfit 1

V Necklines

They lengthen the silhouette, consequently make you leaner. So all the attention will turn to this part of the body, making you look a few pounds thinner.

Length beyond the hip line

Use blouses, shirts, blazers that go beyond the hip line, will elongate your silhouette, making you skinnier.

Wide straps

Ideal even for anyone who wants to look a few pounds unless it’s choose pieces with sleeves, be it short or long. Chubby arms show even more our pounds, so I prefer always the blouses with magas, even the short already help you look thinner.

If you live in a region too hot, no pass heat. But pay attention, because there’s nothing more awkward than spaghetti straps buried in fat, so always remember to buy blouses and dresses with wide straps.

Structured fabrics

Structured fabrics (wovens) Unlike the mesh is more suitable for overweight people, since they score much less the unwanted flab, as you can see in the photo above.Vertical prints/small/dark background

Give preference to the vertical, narrow stripes prints are the ones that will make you thin, you can use wider stripes but will not have the same effect, but are much better than the horizontal that flatten the silhouette.

If you want to use a flowery dress, of po√° (polka dots) or any other pattern always choose the piece you have small prints and dark background, because they will refine your silhouette, unlike parts with large prints and light background that give more volume to the body.

Footwear/Heels proportional to you

Always prefer thicker heels, so-called Jump block or Jump, they will create a visual balance to your body unlike the thin, needle heels that will make you look fatter.

How to Look Thinner with the Right Outfit 2

The Sandals should be the thicker strips, no extremely delicate sandals. And for the other shoes you prefer the more robust, heavy and if you want to lengthen the silhouette, choose shoes nudes because they create idea of continuity of the legs, don’t cut the silhouette leaving you taller and thinner.

Looks M onocrom√°ticos

The monochromatic looks are the same story, nude footwear as the top (top) and low (bottom) of the look are the same color, it creates an elongated silhouette, without cuts, thinner.

Dark panty

If you have very thick legs and not feeling happy with them, add the dark panty-hose to their looks, they fine-tune the legs, as well as all parts of dark colors, primarily black. But be careful with the length of the shorts, skirt or dress, it’s not because your legs will be thinner than you can lose the line, even after all the skinny women should exaggerate the short length, everything should be used in the right amount, without excesses not to be vulgar.

Always try everything you buy, so you don’t end up making mistakes and taking home a clothes too tight or too wide, it is clear that if this happens you can change the play, but people often end up getting lazy and use the wrong size clothes even.

How to Look Thinner with the Right Outfit 3

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