How to Knit Book Covers

Now, you can protect your favorite books with this even knitted cover.Practical detail: the book is even better but hand.

You need this for the book jacket:

  • “Extra MerinoBig” by Schachenmeyr (100% pure new wool Merino, superwash): 50 g in Mittelgraumeliert (FB 000192).You can knit the Bookcover of course in any other colour.
  • Circular needle Nr 5-6
  • Cable needle
  • Wool embroidery needle

And how easy it is:

Size: The finished knitted cover is approx. 33 x 19 cm. After sewing the cartridge valves, it is approx. 27 x 19 cm – suitable for small hardcover books.

How to Knit Book Covers 1

Pattern: Stockinette: sufficient stitches (M) Re right, series M purlwise. Smooth left: return rows M left, back row right knitting cable pattern (over 24 M after 1st row): (R) row 1 (= RS): over 20 M stockinette knitting, while after every fourth M a M right tiling from the cross stitch of the previous row to 24 m R 2-4: M = stockinette knitting. R 5: * 3 M on cable needle behind the piece of knitting place, right to knit the following 3 M, knit the STS to cable needle right then, off * always repeat. R 6 – 8: M stockinette knitting R 9: 3 M right knitting, * put 3 STS on cable needle in front of the garment, the following 3 M knit right then the cable needle right STS, ab * always repeat end with 3 M right always repeat R 2-9.

Mesh samples: 16 M and 23 R stockinette with needles size 5-6 = 10 x 10 cm pigtail over 24 metres with needles size 5-6 = diameter of 10.5 cm

How to Knit Book Covers 2

Instructions: 60 M cast on and knit all STS right in the first row, then continue in the following classification of mesh: 18 M stockinette, 2 M smooth left, while in the front row as under R 1 of the braid pattern described 4 M to 24 M in the braid pattern 2 M = 20 M cable pattern, smooth left, height = 18 STS stockinette 64 m in about 18 – 19 cm , after a third in the seventh series of the braid pattern in the next row, STS as they appear, while in the area of the cable pattern 4 x 2 M left knit together, in the next row all STS purlwise and cast off STS thereby.

Completion: All weave in ends, the knitted garment moisten and tighten to the specified size and allow to dry. The narrow edges each some 3 cm wide fold inwards and sew. For the bookmark 3 about 120 cm long cut to half and attach at the top edge of the cover in the middle and an approximately 25 cm long braid this braid, threads knot end.

How to Knit Book Covers 3

Tip: So the binding better adapts to the book, insert a matching sewing or rubber thread at the side edges and edges to keep something.