How to Knit a Pouf

So nice cozy: Since then we have our new, even knitted poufs, we want no longer get up from the sofa. Who wants to-test it yourself go to the instructions.

That you need:

  • “Pelo” by Lana Grossa (60% Virgin wool Merino extrafine, 35% acrylic, 5% polyamide): approx. 450 g in petrol mix (FB. 8) or light grey (. 5)
  • Knitting needles size 7
  • Wool crochet hook No. 6
  • Mix 3 Knmöpfe with a diameter of 23 mm in petrol or light grey mottled item No., E.g. by Union button.48223 (FB. 28) or item. 27090 (FB. 76)

How to Knit a Pouf 1

And here’s how:


Smooth right: Return rows STS (M) turn right, back rows STS left.

Knitting tension:

10 M and 16 rows (R) in stockinette with needles No. 7 = 10 x 10 cm


Front and back:

How to Knit a Pouf 2

Knit in one piece: cast on 50 STS with needles No. 7. Knit in stockinette. Cast off after 102 cm = 164 R from stop the M.


Part clamp, wet and let it dry. Now the cast-off edge 2 cm above the edge set to cause 2 cm overlap at the end and the beginning, see grey highlighted area in the interface schema. The 2 cm on both sides with a few stitches to stitch together. Now the lower fraction with 4 cm above the upper break with 46 cm distance to the edge of the cast markierern with first stitch and a smooth contrast thread. Contact part, bend each of the marks. Then close side seams. Return envelope. 3 button loops from the 6 air mesh in a matching smooth yarn crochet, doing 1 Sling put in the Middle the other two each back centrally from edge to middle of the pillow, attach to the transition. Sew on the buttons.

How to Knit a Pouf 3