How to Dress According to Your Sign

Each person has a sign and according to astrology, it has its own characteristics making part and building the personality of each. Similarly, each sign has a way of its own to wear something that matches your way of being and acting on several occasions. See below what is the look right for you according to the zodiac.

Clothes for Aries

The Aryan are housewives a very strong explosive personality. They don’t bother with what other people think and why they dress the way they see fit. In fashion, are bold and independent and use warm colors like red, striking outfits with low necklines shorter clothes, but with a lot of class and without being vulgar.

Clothes for the zodiac sign of Taurus

The bull wants to always be well dressed no matter if they’re going to get ice cream with a friend or for a big event. The pastel shades are the most suitable, but other colors such as green also look great on them. They’re very discreet and often use a traditional look with quality fabrics and good finish.

Clothes for the sign of Gemini

Love trends, are creative, curious and communicative. The geminis are always with an open mind to face the news that appear around. All the colors are used with various combinations imaginable. The word here is versatility. These women love to wear an outfit that serve both for the desktop and for that happy hour at the end of the day.

How to Dress According to Your Sign1

Clothes for the zodiac sign of cancer

Here is the most feminine of the horoscope sign. The cancerianas are very romantic in both your personality and in time to get dressed. The look is always sweet, light and full of sweetness. The colors are varied combine more shades of blue and also the white and silver.

Clothes for the sign of Leo

The unconscionable are of type “arrive arriving” in any environment because they were born to be in the middle of the spotlight. The intense colors such as orange, yellow, gold, red and other warm colors are the most used. Animal prints, glows, differentiated and cuts that show a lot of style rule in this look.

Clothes for the zodiac sign of Virgo

Very practical, but also particular, the virginianas are a show of elegance and style. Although gamble in a discreet visual with light colors and gaudy, they can give a little sensuality to the composition of the pieces. They prefer a functional outfit than a more glamorous.

Clothes for Libra

If you have a sign with good taste that comes from crib is this here. Libras are unlikely to make mistakes in the composition of any part and versatility without losing the female part of the look. They are great to fit in the middle term and clothes too showy or too simple are not attractive to women of this sign.

How to Dress According to Your Sign 2

Clothes for the zodiac sign of Scorpio

With a very strong personality, the Scorpio’s tend to be passionate and intense, characteristics that are reflected in the time to compose the visual. Have a way of dressing up a peculiar taste. So, not much to follow trends to the letter and always put something of your even more established models.

Clothes for the zodiac sign of Sagittarius

Joyful tones are perfect for this sign: blue, pink, yellow, green, orange. All festive & light colors should be part of the look and feel of sagitarianas. They like to dare time to dress, but don’t use anything that can get in the way of your fun or day-to-day commitments.

Clothes for the zodiac sign of Capricorn

Disciplined, tough and determined, the capricornianas were born to professional life. The success of the work is what drives these women. The looks are assembled with neutral colors, basically the black, white and gray. The models have classic cuts and they love a piece with a lot of quality and that will last for a long time.

Clothes for the zodiac sign of Aquarius

Creative and rebels, the aquarianas are not those that follow any fashion trend that appears. In fact, they end up creating sets and turning tendency because their color combinations and models are always a step ahead of the current fashion. Metallic colors are the strong point of aquarianas.

How to Dress According to Your Sign 3

Clothes for PISCES

The piscianas are creative and hence already imagines that they love to create many different compositions and play with the colors. The softer tones as the combination of white and green, for example, fit perfectly into your wardrobe. They stand together thrift store clothes with a beautiful Chanel so exquisite.

Besides the way of dressing, the signs have a lot to do with relationships. See this post on how the Man of each sign.