How to Cut Home-Made Glass Bottles

How to cut glass bottles of home-made

How was the new year’s Eve pachanga? For sure they overran you many glass bottles (of punch, and non-alcoholic beverages, I say: p and you don’t know what to do with them.) This was my dilemma of beginning of year and when I looked for technical home to cut glass bottles.

Before arriving at the cheapest and safest (by which there are several on the Internet that only to see a miedito!), I tried a pair.

I was with that I’ll explain you: simple, safe and perfect for thin bottles (no glass, hot water, or use of accelerants jumps), but that Yes… is more tardadita.

Get to work?

How to Cut Home-Made Glass Bottles 1
Of course!

What do you need?

-The bottle you want to cut

-A glass cutter

-A candle and lighter

The technique is to cut with a cutter of glass around the bottle.To do it at home, supports your cutter to a glass (which has the height of the bottle you want to cut), and strongly press the bottle against it. The idea is to make a zurco, deep enough to give a fragility to the bottle at that point.

Then light your candle and positioned the flame on the Groove of the bottle. Turn the bottle with a constant speed to warm up the bottle in the area. After a few minutes the bottle will break into the Groove.

How to Cut Home-Made Glass Bottles 2
Half understand the technique?

Do not worry. Here I leave you the video of my participation in three chain where I explain you in detail the technique for cutting glass bottles, as well as give you a few tips.

Ahead and recycle!

You can use the sections in multiple projects: glasses, vases, screens

And you, so you would use it?

How to Cut Home-Made Glass Bottles 3

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