How to Clean Window Glass

To save the light, it is important to have clean windows. Must know the method to clean its windows.

To save the light, it is important to have clean windows. Must know the method to clean its windows. Here are some tips that will allow you to perform effective cleaning. Clean the glass before starting to apply product, please first remove any dust on the glass. If needed, take care.

How to Clean Window Glass 1

to change a broken window before the cleaning. Then, you can use the product to clean your windows. Start with the outer pane, from top to bottom and from left to right.Continue through the inner window. Glass without traces the biggest difficulty is to clean glass without leaving traces. To find out which method leaves the least traces, clean part of window horizontally and the other vertically. Then look at the place where the traces are less present. Other tips are to know. Do not wash your windows by day of rain or Sun. With the heat, the product dries too quickly. You can choose a Microfiber cloth or replace a basic rag by newspaper by making small circles.

How to Clean Window Glass 2

Use a squeegee, starting at the top of the glass. Don’t forget to wipe your squeegee with every movement. Products for cleaning a glass you can use a classic lava-glass product. Other solutions are also possible. An economic method is to put the detergent in warm water. Another makes you add ammonia in water (1/2 cup of ammonia per litre of water). Rubbing alcohol is another tip that you mix with water (half alcohol, half water). Finally, a cure of Grandma offers to put white vinegar, lemon juice, half a cup of a fabric softener and liquid for dishwasher rinsing. The outcome will be the same as a classic product. Last tip regarding the fat windows. Apply an onion on the glass before you clean, fat will disappear.

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