How to Choose the Right Shoe for Every Occasion

The clothes you already have but did you ever notice how sometimes beats that doubt in time to define the shoes? Learn here how to choose the right shoe for every moment of the day and be beautiful from head to toe!

Work Blazer, jeans to go to the movies, out to dinner dress. Not always those rules need to be followed to the letter, but did you ever notice how every place we will end up asking for a particular production? And the same happens with the shoes! The rules are not absolute, but almost never gets good appear in a wedding using sneakers, for example.

This issue is common in the fashion world and it’s not the first time readers stop me with doubt: “Fabi, how to choose the right shoe for every occasion?” I have been searching and found that there is, Yes, smart choices that make you look great and feel comfortable from head to toe. Whether at work, at happy hour or at the Club, find out below which is the shoe more appropriate not to make any fashion faux pas!

To work
This is perhaps the greatest challenge in time to match your clothes with the model of shoe. The reason? Each enterprise environment has your own dress rule. If you work in a blazer and slacks, for example, shoes can take the shine of your look more formal, so I suggest always pumps or Sandals thick heel, since they are more comfortable for those who spend all day running around. Now, if the company allows employees range from jeans, dresses or skirts, nothing prevents you from working in the knickers. In addition to not hurt, brands such as Arezzo, Schutz, Cori and Luiza Babu, for example, have released a model more beautiful than the other!

How to Choose the Right Shoe for Every Occasion 1

For events during the day
If there is an invitation to a grand opening, anniversary or even a brunch, this does not mean that you need to take that your shoe Cabinet taller. The daylight allows you to bet on lower models, such as medium or thick heels. Not to miss, opt for sandals in classic colors and more pale, as nude and caramel. Class and elegance in the right measure. Cooled? Bet on boots. Whether they are ankle boots, tall or over the kneeboots are increasingly bullish and wildcard parts in time are put together a look cool and full of attitude.

For dinners or ballads
Now is the time to show your sexy and feminine side. Let’s face it: is there anything sexier than a nice high heels? To attract all eyes already half a paw, or peep-toe pumps. The night allows you to abuse in the colors and even compose the look with a shoe print. But let the stiletto for restaurants and dinner parties, where you spend most of your time sitting. In the ballad, remember that are vááárias hooooras standing, so it is best to choose a half foot, it softens the heel height, or even a good modern Jaffer. How about a model of ropes, tied around the foot and ankle. Looks great and still tune the thickness of the leg.

For weddings, baptisms and graduations
There’s no way, regardless of the time of day, these occasions call for a good jump. What will determine the choice is the time of day the morning, bet on more neutral colors, afternoon and night, the black and the color are more than released. Here, it is worth including, abuse of sandals, peet toes and heel with rhinestones and details in gold or silver, all depends on the colors of your dress, remembering that less is more.

Go with everything!
Has a shoe and not sure where to use it? I help!

Sneaker: the leather and suede combine with the work. The Polish fall well into lunch with friends and family lunches.

How to Choose the Right Shoe for Every Occasion 2

Anabela: just like the shoe, look great with jeans, miniskirts and dresses. Ideas for a film of Sunday or Friday casual. The finest models, such as the gilded, go well, including, in the ballad. You bet!

Pumps and stiletto: perfect for anyone working with a more formal look and social event such as weddings, inaugurations, receptions and graduations. A basic black is wildcard and needs to be part of your wardrobe.

Gladiator Sandal: some people twist the nose for them, but you can’t deny that the Gladiators are back with everything. To combine them, bet on shirt + skirt set behaved or dressed evasés. And attention to those who have thick legs. This kind of sandal tends to accentuate the measures.

Tennis: gone is the time when tennis was the greatest villains. Today they can be seen, even with suits and slacks. Most stylish models fell in like the fashionistas and they look great with jeans leggings and t-shirt fun. In the heat, the most colorful sneakers combine with jeans-shorts, pants or skirt – and help to compose a look take it day to day.

Sandals: models with precious stones and crystals are great requested for those more relaxed events in warmer weather. Have you ever thought about combining the sandals with a long flowing dress in a brunch, for example? It might work!

Thick Heel: there is no shoe more comfortable for that long day-which begins at the meeting and ends in a happy hour – as the thick heel. Depending on the model and fabric, can even be used at weddings, baptisms and graduations.

How to Choose the Right Shoe for Every Occasion 3

Boot: perfect for the winter, the low heel boots are perfect for the day to day who’s always running (going from the supermarket to the kids ‘ school). The over the knee with heels taller can be easily used to give that stepped out over the weekend.

Oxford: the famous “winter shoe” just looks good with leather jackets, velvet or wool. Who fans the more discreet line can use the Oxford with pantaloons and silk shirts to work. They also go well with mini skirts and shirts.

Espadrilles and sneaker: Immortalized by Audrey Hepburn, this type of shoe-be smooth or printed-are super comfortable and they look great if combined with skinnies, pants well drained. Who has thin legs, can even combine the espadrilles with croppedpants, leaving a bit of cinnamon. These models of shoe fall well also with overalls and shorts.