How to Choose Swimwear According to Your Body Type

Choose a swimsuit not always is an easy task. No matter whether your body is impact or if you have some extra pounds, show scantily clad it can cause some uncertainty.

Quiet, choosing the perfect swimsuit is nothing otherworldly, Yes, as they say over there, have confidence and security will be the best way to achieve a sensational look. Here something to consider depending on your body type.

How to Choose Swimwear According to Your Body Type 1

Rectangular Shape

If your shoulders are (almost) the same width that your hips have this type of body. The idea is to create curves. The goal is to give volume with features or colors in the upper part, i.e., the bust and on the side of the hips. Looking for complete suits or bikinis that tie at the neck as will make you appear higher. If you opt for strapless, you’ll look more square.

If you have a few extra kilos, opt for one-piece suits that the waist is marked. In addition, seeks necklines are triangular.

How to Choose Swimwear According to Your Body Type 2


This type of bodies is characterized by broad hips and slightly more narrow part of the bust, the ideal is to find balance in your figure and to achieve this you must find bathing suits that conceal your hips. Avoid exaggerated patterns and the dress. Blocks of color are a great alternative for you. On the contrary, in the part of the bust use a little more volume, only if you have little bust.

Inverted Triangle

Your body is characterized by being wider at the top and narrow at the side of the hips. Your goal is to draw attention in the lower part of the body, so you can afford to have prints and details in this area.

How to Choose Swimwear According to Your Body Type 3

Apple Corps

If you have this type of form are you searching swimsuits complete, although it doesn’t mean that you can forget the bikinis, you see bloggers for curvy swimsuit. By comfort one piece costume is your best option because it will make you feel comfortable. It complements your look with a sarong.