How to Choose a Sports Bra

The perfect bra for sports

To pass the exam to be my perfect bra, the garment must meet several requirements:

    1. Fixing. Attaches perfectly to the shape of the breast. The chest is pushed, crushed or is out of the seams. Or without that are wrinkled areas that may cause scratches running.

How to Choose a Sports Bra 1

  1. Adaptation. The adjustable tie-rods, brackets in various positions, pre-molded cups, etc., are very useful, because it tends to change the size of your chest throughout the menstrual cycle. These elements allow you to fit it perfectly.
  2. Comfort. The chest strap should be wide to allow you to breathe comfortably. If to take off your bra you have red marks in the outline, or scratches, it is that you’re wearing it too small. Another delicate point is the underarm area, must be made of a special material to get away the sweat and avoid friction with the inner part of the arm (especially if you run more than one hour)
  3. Mobility. When you try the garment, check front of the mirror that you can raise your arms smoothly and to breathe comfortably, without the chest to overflow. Every shape adapts to a sport. Running does not move much arms, you do not need a back t, for example, but in dance or yoga class, you can feel more comfortable with a cross brace.
  4. Clamping. Try to take small jumps in front of the mirror Tester, for “in situ” check that it holds the chest in place and absorbs the impacts.How to Choose a Sports Bra 2
  5. Technology. The use of several different fabrics, allows to keep away moisture from the body, prevent allergies and infections, bad smell, keep the shape with the washes, etc.
  6. Resistance. It is a garment washing whenever it is used, by which must support thousands of laps in the washing machine without losing the shape and color.
  7. Hygiene. The weak point of the majority of the new generation fabrics. Although more and more technological, you end up pulling the sportswear because it smells bad, even after washing. The incorporation of silver wire helps prevent unpleasant odours and prolongs the half-life of a bra.How to Choose a Sports Bra 3
  8. Style. Why not have it all? It is also important that you feel comfortable with the colorful bras for sports you bought from JANESPORTSBRAS. Now there are many more models and colours, and some are so beautiful that you want to wear them even if we have to work the abdominal area. If not you can stay in underwear in the gym for fear to look like a grandmother, it may not be your sujetador┬┤.
  9. Continuity. It is a pity that when I can finally find the perfect sports bra, is in stores just two seasons, and to the following is displayed another that’s not going so well. It is something that I said with more friends, each had a perfect bra and regret that already not that model, manufacture is possible or search online at balances and buy them 5 on 5. Brands like give us variety and innovation, but when something works why change it?