How to Choose a Bike Lights

With the arrival of spring the days lengthen and temperatures soften, allowing the bike out at night either in winter when it darkens before it is necessary to carry them out safely, is essential to be able to have a good bicycle lights which illuminate us the ground.

How to Choose Bike Lights

It should be noted that there are two types of light for use in Bike:

  • With the function of providing visibility for the cyclist and that, therefore, will be light-duty.
  • With the function of the biker offer powerful illumination that allows you to travel on the mountain in total absence of natural light. This type of focus will be that we occupy in this article.

Basics for the eliccion of a bicycle lights

The basics to keep in mind in the selection of lights for bicycle and that will enable us to have all the security guarantees during the route are:

  • Compliance with the regulations and requirements of the CE.
  • Buy at distributors.
  • Led technology.
  • Light output. Is recommended that the minimum power to be able to circulate safely by del monte and overnight is 900 LM.
  • Autonomy.

The emergence of led technology has revolutionized sports lighting sector, since it has allowed the development and evolution of bulbs with a high light output and a low power consumption.

How to Choose a Bike Lights 3

How to choose a bike lights?

There are different aspects that we have to look when buying a focus:

1. autonomy of light

It is important to have several hours of autonomy (or of several batteries), since this will depend on the time that we devote to our night training.

Fortunately, existing Led technology now makes it possible to have a great light output with a low energy consumption, this allows circular bulbs at full power for about 3 hours (depending on the models). It is important to have more than one battery to avoid unforeseen.

2 types of fixation of the lights.

There are different models that offer the possibility to set the focus on the I/o in the helmet handlebar.
The second option is important, since it allows us to keep lit the area to which we look. Many Bikers choose to carry two bulbs, one placed on the handlebar and another in town.

3 power light for bicycle

This aspect depends on the amount of light that offers the focus. The power and performance of the bulb is measured in Lux or Lumen.

Lux measures the total amount of light (brightness) while the Lumen measures the density that is perceived by the human eye. When choosing our focus should take into account this aspect, since most manufacturers inform us of the Lumen offering their lights.

The power of light not only depends on the amount of Lumen, also involved lens that projects the beam of light and reflective capacity of the walls that surround the Led. Depending on these two aspects, two lights with the same Lumen can give a very different light.

Therefore it is important that the focus has a quality in front of the Led lens and a good reflector around, since we should have a good beam of light which we shine optimally to 50-60 meters and, at the same time, a good side lighting.

How to Choose a Bike Lights 1

4. illumination angle a front light.

This indicates the lateral distance (width) which is able to illuminate the focus.

5. lighting distance.

Number of metres which reaches the light beam.

Can then choose what lights for bike?

The decision at the time of buying a light for our bike will depend on the use you want to give to it, i.e., as lighting or element that allows us to be visible during the night and depending on the type of rider who we are.

There are many bike light brands in the Spanish market but las marks of cycling lights more noteworthy are: Sigma, Cateye and Lupine.

Given bicilink good value for money we have introduced the Spanish brand Natural Shine.

So with this offer we get the following conclusions when it comes to choosing a light:

Lights with good relationship quality price:

If you are looking for a brand with a great quality price that’s Natural Shine, its models trail and beak are very compact and we tend them use up to trialeras at night. If you want something even more powerful NG3 and NG5 models are

TOP lights brand:

If you are looking for more of the more you have the option of lighthouses, Lupine. It has 1, 2 and 4 leds models ranging from less than 200 euros to 800 euros.

How to Choose a Bike Lights 2

Cheap bike lights:

If you are looking for some cheap lights you have the option of the input range of Cateye and Sigma

Powerful bike lights:

! I want to me it done day!. If you are looking for a lot of power at your lights you can choose between any of the 4 leds of Lupine, the NG5 Natutal Shine and Cateye have the Volt 1600.

Lights for small bike related peso-tamano – power:

If you’re a nerd of the weight or are looking for a small light, but powerful we recommend the Trail or the peak of Natural Shine, the Neo 2 or 4 Neo Sigma or the Neo or Lupine piko.

You can check the entire catalog of lights in the following link:

Best brand of bike lights

Do you agree with our choice? Would made on lack any brand?

We look forward to helping you and if you have any doubt you described