How to Change the Cartridge in a Mixer Tap

when a mixer tap leaking at its base, it is usually the sign that the cartridge seals are defective.

The role of a water softener is to reduce the concentration of limestone in water consumed in your home. By installing this unit at home, you can protect your pipes and appliances against limescale deposits and extend

How to Change the Cartridge in a Mixer Tap 1

their life. Where to install the water softener. Water softener transforms hard water in fresh water by capturing a portion of the limestone content in the water. It plugs directly on the water home, upstream of the boiler and the cumulus. Its installation is accompanied by systematically laying of a by-pass, since it is not necessary to use water softened limestone for external tasks: washing the car, water the plants, etc. Ideally, we need to install the water softener in a local broken down and little subject to changes in temperature: it must be frost-free and any source of heat. It must also be a connection to the sewage pipe.

How to Change the Cartridge in a Mixer Tap 2

The possible addition of a pressure reducer water softener works at a pressure of between 1.5 and 4.5 bars in the majority of situations.Check the instructions of the manufacturer for the maximum and minimum pressures permitted. They are likely to vary depending on the brand. The implementation of a pressure reducer should also be foreseen in case of too high pressure. How to ask the water softener itself cut water supply before work, then cut the pipe with a hacksaw’s cold water inlet to the location chosen to intersperse the water softener. Sand the ends of the hose with a metal file and sandpaper. Set the filter on the cold water, upstream pipe, then connect the softener on the filter holder and on the other hand on the hose to cold water, downstream, with the flexible provided. Firmly tighten the fittings on each side using a suitable wrench or pliers multifunction. Finally, connect the softener to the nearest sewage pipe.

How to Change the Cartridge in a Mixer Tap 3